Hireology vs. Apploi

Hiring better quality talent faster has never been easier with Hireology’s intuitive platform and award winning support team. According to 990 G2 reviews, users love Hireology for our:

Why move from Apploi to Hireology?

Hireology is ranked in the top 1% out of nearly 600 applicant tracking systems on G2.
Apploi is unranked.

Streamline productivity

Our intuitive, modern UI allows for easy navigation, so you can instantly drive productivity without wasting time figuring out how to make the platform work for you. With Hireology, you can efficiently find and hire the right talent for your team with features like:

Hireology increases productivity by up to 25% — leading to faster time-to-hire, lower recruitment costs, and greater bottom-line impact

Your partner in ongoing success

Hireology is designed with humans in mind. We’ve built in-app guides and tutorials available on demand. And when you need a human, our highly rated customer support will be ready to help you every step of the way. Additionally, during implementation our team of experts get you set up in weeks — not months.

Rated top 5 on G2 in terms of customer satisfaction


Deliver the best
candidate experience

Our communication tools, lightweight job applications, and easy interview scheduling create a positive experience for every candidate, helping you keep top talent engaged and build your brand reputation. on-the-go with our user-friendly mobile app.

In-house developed ATS
built for healthcare

Hireology’s ATS is built and continuously evolved in-house by our team of experts — tailor-made with the unique challenges of healthcare hiring in mind. Because of our deep healthcare focus, our customers consistently drive better hiring outcomes and bottom-line impact.

What makes our platform healthcare focused?

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