Healthcare New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Improve your retention rates and employee engagement by setting up an efficient and engaging onboarding experience
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Does your facility’s onboarding process
set new hires up for long term success?

Ghosting isn’t reserved for hiring and dating anymore — healthcare organizations across the country are struggling with new hires simply not showing back up for work after their first day.

Keeping the ghosts at bay starts before a new hire’s first day, believe it or not. Download this checklist to audit your current onboarding procedures before, during, and after your new hire’s first shift to improve retention rates, employee engagement, and patient outcomes.

81% of healthcare workers were loyal to employers who provided great onboarding but that drops to just 53% if it was a bad onboarding experience

Better onboarding codes
to better patient outcomes

Download the checklist today to help

Download the checklist today

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