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- Speeding Up the time to hire with a revamped hiring process -

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This Hireology customer and leading Texas-based in-home care agency is dedicated to providing exceptional in-home care to seniors and individuals needing assistance. 

The agency’s goal is to improve the quality of life for clients and help them maintain their independence, while offering peace of mind for their families. They first enlisted the help of Hireology in 2017 to save time on administrative hiring tasks and speed up overall hiring time. 

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The Power of the Hiring Process

Before partnering with Hireology, the HR team at this in-home care agency found itself spending a significant amount of time on administrative tasks related to hiring. Not only did this take away from time spent on other critical responsibilities, but manual tasks also slowed down the overall hiring process. 

Launching a Centralized Hiring Platform

The agency turned to Hireology in 2017 to simplify its hiring process and drive top talent to open roles. The Corporate Director of Human Resources at the agency previously spent more than half her work week on manual hiring tasks. By leveraging Hireology’s centralized hiring platform, the team now has one source for all its recruitment-related needs, saving them time on overall hiring efforts. 


Not only does the in-home care agency rely on Hireology for attracting qualified talent, but also to help integrate every aspect of the hiring process process by centralizing it all in a single platform. The team also leverages the platform to easily share job postings between hiring managers and track applicant history, among embracing other key features.


To stay organized throughout each step of the hiring process, this organization uses Hireology’s candidate tagging feature. Much like social media hashtags, clicking on a particular Hireology tag enables users to search any other candidates that have the same tag attached to their profile. It also helps the agency determine whether or not candidates are qualified to move on to the next step in the hiring process in one quick glance. 


“In the home health care space, we have an industry average turnover of 87% for caregivers. Caregivers tend to work with someone that reaches out to them and starts a conversation first – and Hireology makes sure that I am the one to reach out to them the fastest, so they don’t even consider working somewhere else. This in itself is a huge competitive advantage of working with Hireology.”

– Corporate Director of Human Resources

Seeing Results

By streamlining hiring steps, the team is able to reallocate half its work week that was previously spent on manual, administrative tasks. This time can now be spent on more strategic tasks to help the business grow and ensure the team is best serving clients.

Overall time to review and time to hire candidates has also decreased for this in-home care agency – the team now spends less than one day reviewing applicants and less than two weeks on the hiring process from start to finish, which is well below industry averages. This enables them to ensure they secure top talent before they receive other job opportunities in today’s competitive hiring market.

As part of the hiring platform, the agency has also leveraged integrated candidate text messaging to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. The team now texts opted-in candidates 90 percent of the time, making sure they keep them interested and engaged throughout the hiring process.


“Switching to Hireology is a no-brainer, it will give you back several hours from your week by not only bringing all your hiring steps into one place, but also by helping you simplify time-consuming (but essential) tasks like verifications, background checks, communicating with candidates, and more.”

– Corporate Director of Human Resources

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