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Senior Helpers of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, is a premier provider of in-home senior care. The agency offers tailored home care services ranging from companion care for seniors who need daily assistance to in-depth specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases. Senior Helpers first partnered with Hireology in 2015 to increase total quality applicants and streamline its hiring process. 

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Reaching Today's Top RN Talent

Prior to partnering with Hireology, Senior Helpers of Harleysville relied on organic job boards like Craigslist to attract talent for its open roles. With job boards alone, Senior Helpers faced challenges with lack of quality applicants and wasting time reviewing quality applicants who weren’t a fit for their open roles. 

Launching a Centralized Hiring Platform

Senior Helpers of Harleysville first partnered with Hireology in 2015 to implement a standardized hiring process and drive more quality applicants to its open roles. Specifically, this Senior Helpers location has benefited from the following Hireology solutions: 

A Centralized Hiring Platform

Starting with initial training and implementation, Senior Helpers made a smooth transition from job boards to the Hireology platform. The implementation process was more self-contained than other platforms, enabling Senior Helpers to have access to everything they need to start making hires right away.  


“With Hireology, you have access to all the hiring tools you need in a centralized platform, and the Hireology team makes it easy to get started with the platform. The overall platform is so much more efficient than relying on job boards alone, and the process is very logical, making it easier for us to move applicants to candidates quickly.”

– John Cabrey, President, Senior Helpers, Harleysville, PA

Candidate Text Messaging

Prior to partnering with Hireology, Senior Helpers of Harleysville didn’t have a formal process in place to effectively communicate with candidates. With Hireology text messaging, the team can keep candidates engaged throughout each step of the hiring process. Hireology data found that on average, businesses reduce time to hire by eight days by tapping into candidate text messaging.

Candidate History

Another feature that is especially valuable to the Senior Helpers team is the option to save and see each candidate’s history. The history of all contacts with the applicant is maintained and timestamped within the Hireology platform. Candidate history includes messages sent to and from the applicants and activity completed by staff – such as when the applicant was reviewed, moved to the next step of the hiring process, and more. This enables the Senior Helpers team to hold managers accountable to moving the hiring process along quickly and efficiently.

Seeing Results

A Centralized Hiring Platform 

Since partnering with Hireology, Senior Helpers of Harleysville now sees a steady inflow of 10-12 applicants for their open roles each day, whereas previously, the total number of applicants and quality applicants fell short.

The team at Senior Helpers has also saved a significant amount of time on the applicant review process, reducing time to review to less than one day in some cases. Hireology data found that employers wait 10 days on average to review and respond to job applicants. Senior Helpers has found it quick and easy to quickly review applicants because many of them are quality applicants to begin with. 

Senior Helpers also leverages prescreen surveys to speed up time to review. Prescreen surveys are automatically sent as soon as an application is submitted and are automatically scored, eliminating those who aren’t a fit for open roles.

Candidate Text Messaging 

Senior Helpers of Harleysville has embraced candidate text messaging to make overall candidate communication more efficient. The team has seen the benefits of text messaging firsthand, with candidates responding to text messages much quicker than they respond to emails from the team. And text messages from Senior Helpers to candidates have seen a 66 percent response rate to date. 

In addition to keeping candidates engaged, text messaging templates available through the Hireology platform have simplified overall candidate communications for the Senior Helpers team.


“Hireology is a user-friendly, affordable, and efficient platform that will help you attract high quality applicants that are better than what you will receive from other sources. Our experience with Hireology could not be more positive.”

– John Cabrey, President, Senior Helpers, Harleysville, PA

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