Brandt Hospitality discovers true partnership and exceptional hiring results with Hireology


Brandt Hospitality, a leader in the hospitality industry, operates 19 properties across the country. Renowned for their commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences, Brandt Hospitality understands the critical role that outstanding staff plays in maintaining their high standards. However, with a varied hiring manager adoption rate and inconsistent recruiting outcomes, the company recognized the need for a more robust and tailored hiring solution.

The problem

Despite having an ATS that was functionally adequate, Brandt Hospitality faced several challenges:

Inconsistent Hiring Results

Varying levels of hiring manager adoption led to uneven applicant flow and recruitment success across properties.

High Recruiting Costs

With low role visibility and a limited job board aggregation offerings, Brandt was reliant on a consistent job board spend to drive quality applicants to their roles.

Service Model Changes

The shift from a dedicated customer support member to a general ticket system reduced the efficiency of strategizing and problem-solving.

Tenielle Schmidt, Director of Human Resources at Brandt Hospitality, along with her team, recognized that these issues needed addressing to maintain their competitive edge in the industry.

“With Hireology, we get more than just support, we have a partnership. Our customer success manager offers industry specific recommendations, prompt follow up and reporting to guide leadership meetings. For more tactical questions, the thorough knowledge base offers click by click instructions with screenshots, allowing us to scale our support across our properties.”

Tenielle Schmidt, Director of Human Resources

The Solution

With an existing partnership Brandt Hospitality’s partnership with Hireology provided a comprehensive solution:

Customization of ATS and Onboarding Process

Hireology allowed Brandt Hospitality to tailor content specific to each role, enhancing their ability to attract top talent quickly. They also redefined their digital onboarding process to suit role-specific requirements.

Strategic Support from Industry Experts

The collaboration included partnering with a Customer Success Manager (CSM), an industry expert who provided best practices on hiring within the hospitality sector. The CSM made account-specific recommendations on feature use and offered supporting documentation for best practices.

Defined Hiring Goals and Reporting

Establishing a consistent cadence for partnering with the CSM enabled the Brandt team to set clear hiring goals and create the necessary reports to track progress and inform strategic decisions.

“We are really pleased with the overall results we have seen since partnering with Hireology. They know our industry and their strategic support has saved us time and money.”

Steve Kluvers, Chief Financial Officer


The implementation of Hireology’s solutions yielded significant results:

Diversifying Sourcing Opportunities

Through customization and an extensive job board ecosystem, Brandt Hospitality reduced their overall recruiting spend by 63% within the first seven months.

Decreased Time to Review

With a focus on the critical hiring success indicator, “Time to Review,” and through consistent training and messaging, Brandt Hospitality decreased this metric by 40% within the year.

Enhanced Hiring Manager Engagement

Consistent engagement from hiring managers across all properties has been achieved, leading to a more cohesive and efficient hiring process.

“Our team at Hireology has taken the time to understand our goals and the rhythm of our business, providing timely reports and data to support monthly meetings and partnering with our HR team to drive results.”

Steve Martodam, President & COO


The partnership between Brandt Hospitality and Hireology has proven to be a strategic advantage, addressing critical hiring challenges and driving significant improvements in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Looking ahead, this collaboration will continue to evolve, ensuring that Brandt Hospitality remains at the forefront of the hospitality industry through innovative hiring practices and strategic support.

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