Hireology vs. Applicant Tracking Systems

Hireology organizes your recruitment marketing and hiring process into one intuitive system.
Here’s why we’re better than applicant tracking systems.

Hireology is More than Organizing Applicants

When Hireology started in 2010, we were a lightweight applicant tracker like many of today’s providers. Over time, we listened to our customers to add tools like in-platform references, background checks and skills testing, automated pre-screen surveys and intuitive team and candidate communication tools like text messaging. Evolving our platform, we no longer consider ourselves a simple ATS.

Today, Hireology is a recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) solution.

Applicant Tracking Benefits

Applicant tracking systems can be great for small businesses who need to setup their first system to keep their list of applicants and simple hiring steps organized. This can be great for organizations migrating from paper-based forms or who handle recruitment marketing over email. 

But simple applicant tracking systems lack integrations with critical hiring tools like prescreen surveys, skills tests, references and background checks that can help verify that you’re spending time with the candidates that are most likely to be successful. For those organizations that need this piece of mind, a full recruitment candidate relationship manager (CRM) is a much better choice.

Hireology Integrates (and Simplifies) Everything

Free or low-cost applicant trackers might seem like enough for setting up a basic hiring process. But ATS tools like this lack solutions to effectively attract talent, screen applicants, and verify candidates before making the decision to hire the right person.

What might seem like a win on price will cost you time and energy in disconnected, admin-intensive steps. Hireology simplifies and automates the process for you, allowing you to focus on running your team, not digging through paperwork. 

Free Applicant Trackers Limit Functionality

Free applicant tracking systems – either part of a larger software solution like a payroll provider or a standalone vendor – may limit the functionality of the core platform unless you pay additional monthly charges. This could mean being blocked from organic job board feeds or other core features unless you upgrade your account.

Hireology takes an approach of adding all core functionality into our base product – visibility across organic job board feeds, applicant prescreen surveys, interview guides with automatic scoring, candidate communication tools like text messaging, and a candidate relationship management (CRM) system – so you have all of the tools you need to attract and hire your best team.

Hireology Delivers on Value

It’s really hard to compete on price against a free provider. 

But we’re confident that Hireology provides so much value, even if it means investing money back into your business. By running fully staffed, your team can drive more revenue – with the investment in Hireology paying for itself in many cases. We help attract and hire the right team members, and integrates them into your organization quickly so they can contribute faster.

Hireology Proves Stronger ROI

Free ATS providers lack the tracking capabilities to demonstrate the value of your recruiting efforts. Hireology is the only platform that can centralize visibility across job boards, the career site and referral channels to show total applicants, quality applicants and hires made, as well as the costs from paid channels.

Hireology Builds Your Brand

A free applicant tracker might sound like a good business move. But it means not investing into your employment brand with a dedicated career site that integrates with your hiring process.

Hireology career sites help invest back in your brand by showcasing your company culture, career paths and rich content.

Attract top job seekers like a magnet, reducing your reliance on job board spending. Build your brand with a career site – and seamlessly transfer top applicants to your Hireology hiring process.


Hireology vs. Applicant Tracking Systems

Compared to applicant tracking systems, Hireology drives more quality applicants, has a robust hiring process, and integrates with other HR tools with a user experience great for hiring managers and candidates alike.

ATTRACT Applicant Quality High Very Low
Applicant Quantity High High
Applicant Conversion Very High Very Low
HIRE Transparency Very High Unknown
INTEGRATE Candidate Experience Very High Poor
Hiring Manager Experience Very High Poor
Integrations and Tools Very High None

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