Why You Should Always Link to Your Career Site in Job Postings

Many businesses tap into job boards and similar channels to source talent and fill open roles. But while job seekers also turn to these channels to research – and apply for – roles that are a match for their skills and experience, a general job posting can only say so much about what it’s like to work for your company.
To attract top talent, it’s important to link to your career site in all job postings, so prospective applicants can learn more about what to expect if they join your team. Below we’ve pulled together a few benefits of doing so, and some best practices.

Drive Engaged Applicants to Your Website

Job board technology enables job seekers to apply to open roles at the click of a button. In many cases, this leads to job seekers mass applying to positions, without taking much time to determine whether or not they’re actually a fit. Before online job boards, the time required to fill out an application was a often natural filter for many employers – if a job seeker wasn’t really interested in your role, the time investment wasn’t worth their effort.
Even with the availability of job board technology, the most engaged applicants go beyond one-click apply and take the time to learn more about specific roles to gauge their fit. This often includes visiting your company website – and specifically, your career site – to see how they would benefit from working for your company. If you don’t have a link to your career site in a job board posting – or don’t have a career site at all – you might end up driving away top candidates who will instead apply to other companies with strong career sites.

Showcase Your Employment Brand

While a job board posting presents an opportunity for you to include a company overview and key benefits, there’s limited space in a job description to truly tell the story on what it’s like to join your team. By linking to your career site, you can tell a more complete employment brand story, which will excite top talent about applying to your open roles. A strong employment brand story can help your company stand out from other employers and attract strong applicants in today’s competitive job market.

Make sure your career site includes details on the workplace culture, career progression, and overall benefits to help job seekers see the opportunity your team offers. Also continuously share engaging content, so career site visitors can glance into a day in the life at your business. For example, you can highlight pictures or videos of your team, company outings, unique spaces in your business and community events, among other content.

Maintain a Mobile-Friendly Career Site

Many candidates – especially millennials – use their phone as their primary browsing device, and this includes researching and applying to jobs. And up to 1 in 4 job seekers apply to open roles via mobile devices. To ensure you’re not driving away applicants looking to read your career site and apply via mobile, make sure your career site is mobile friendly – and doesn’t require too many steps to apply, so it’s easy to do on the go.

Make Sure Your Career Site is Easy to Find

Some businesses have strong career sites, but it’s difficult for interested job seekers to find on the main company website. Many prospective applicants might visit your website interested in a job and if they don’t find a career page or list of job openings, they’ll leave your website and look elsewhere. Consider including a link to your career page in the top navigation of your home page and in the footer. Also make sure you optimize your career site for search, so candidates can easily find it in search engine results.
A strong employment brand is critical to attracting top talent – and your career site plays a key role in building your best  team. For more information about how to attract quality applicants, download our eBook, “The Hireology Employment Brand Playbook.”





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