What to Include in an Automotive Technician Job Description

Building the perfect automotive technician job description for your dealership takes time if you want to attract technicians that will stay. 

If you’re looking to hire a technician (or more than one!) at your dealership, here’s what you should include in your automotive technician job description to hire the best talent around.

What’s in it for the candidate?

In order to make your job post stand out to applicants, you need to lead your job description with what the candidate will get by working for you. You should talk about what makes your dealership a great place to work, including the benefits you provide. You want to offer these benefits and perks to job seekers; things like schedule flexibility, opportunities for career growth, great culture and more can really influence a candidate’s perception of your dealership. You want to win these applicants over as quickly as possible, so you sell them right away on what’s in for them.

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What expectations can you include in an automotive technician job description?

To answer this question, you need to look at the standard operating procedures at your dealership. The expectations laid out in your automotive technician job description should reflect your dealership’s culture and overall commitment to customer satisfaction. You can pepper descriptions throughout your job description to give applicants a comprehensive picture of your work environment. For example, you could include personality traits like “eager learner” or “team player” in your job summary, while adding necessary details about physical demands like “able to lift 50 pounds” in the requirements section. 

What are the responsibilities of an automotive technician?

An automotive technician’s primary goal is to diagnose and fix engine systems in vehicles. Some responsibilities may differ from repair shop to repair shop, but there is generally a great deal of overlap in duties. When drafting your automotive technician job description, add the basic responsibilities that your repair shop requires — but don’t go overboard with details! Instead of listing every single duty, you can add a line to your job description that says something along the lines of “Employee may be required to complete or be responsible for additional job duties as assigned” so there’s no confusion.

What are the requirements for an automotive technician?

The requirements in your automotive technician job description should match those of your competitors. If your requirements are significantly stricter than others, you’ll lose out on capable applicants.

Some preferred qualifications can be listed as well, such as related experience in other automotive technician roles, customer service skills, or ability to operate diagnostic equipment. If you choose to expand on requirements, just make sure that they are still beneficial to the job.

Ready to write your automotive technician job description?

When building your automotive technician job description, keep it simple by following this order of sections and including the benefits that your dealership provides employees. If you do, you’ll be on pace to hiring a standout technician for your dealership.

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