New Integration: Reach More Applicants with Jobs on Facebook

Hireology now supports a direct integration with Jobs on Facebook, allowing you to reach even more local applicants from your organization’s business page across the largest social media network. With the new integration and a few quick steps to get setup, any current and future jobs can be shared to your Facebook business page automatically, and allow applicants to apply for your open positions directly from Facebook to reach millions of local job seekers. 

Why You Should Consider Jobs on Facebook

Enabling the Jobs on Facebook integration in Hireology is a simple way to connect with today’s applicants in a popular social channel they’re already using and engaged with. Our early tests with beta customers has shown Facebook quickly becoming a top source of applicants. Jobs on Facebook is great for customers looking to add an additional applicant channel to drive interested job seekers to open positions. 

Once an applicant sees your job advertisement on Facebook, they can apply directly from Facebook, using the details in their Facebook profile around job history as their application. Once the applicant submits their application, it’s automatically sent to Hireology, kicking off your customized hiring process. 

Setting up the Integration in Hireology

Enabling the integration with Jobs on Facebook is simple. Once you complete the two steps below, all current and future jobs will be eligible to be shared on your company’s Facebook feed.
As an administrator, log in to your Hireology account and visit Settings >> Company profile to make sure your complete website address is entered, complete with HTTPS. Next, under Career Site settings, scroll down to Social Media and check Facebook, while also entering the name of your organization’s Facebook username. 

Saving these settings will make your Hireology account ready for the Jobs on Facebook integration.

Note: It may take 24 – 48 hours for Facebook to enable the integration once you provide these details. 

Setting up the Integration in Facebook

After you complete the integration on Hireology, visit your organization’s Facebook page as an administrator. Click Settings >> Manage Jobs >> Jobs from API sources. 
You should see Hirelogy as a source, with the option to enable. Note: If you do not see Hireology available, Facebook may still be processing the integration request. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for this to take effect.

Clicking the Connect button turns on the feed. If you do not have this option, you may need to wait a little longer for Facebook to approve your account. You can also double check that you had the correct account details entered in the steps above. After some time, Facebook will begin to import your roles from Hireology and if they meet Facebook’s quality standards, they will be posted to your business profile page. 

Getting Jobs from Hireology to Facebook 

Following the steps above will turn on the integration and allow Facebook to review and share your jobs automatically. From there, applicants will be able to see your job posts and apply right from Facebook to kickstart the hiring process.

We think that Jobs on Facebook is an exciting way to connect with even more applicants to drive interest in your open positions. 

What Facebook Applicant Details are Sent to Hireology

Applicants finding your job from Facebook will be able to share the work history that’s included in their personal Facebook profiles. They have the option to edit any details before submitting to provide you with details on their previous roles. Facebook does not support the ability for applicants to upload files such as resumes or cover letters as part of the application process.

Jobs on Facebook FAQ:

Why don’t applicants from Facebook include their resume?
Facebook does not support file attachments in their application form. The only resume that gets passed to Hireology is one that Facebook generates based off of the information in the applicants facebook profile. This is similar functionality to how Indeed Apply works.
How can I understand the qualifications of Facebook applicants if they do not include resume or supporting materials?
For all applicant sources, we recommend using tools like the prescreen survey that applicants can automatically complete to help you focus on the top applicants. Learn more about our prescreen surveys and other in-platform verifications here.
Will any jobs be hidden on my Facebook feed?
All open jobs should appear in your feed unless they are marked as remote positions. 
I’m seeing some but not all of my roles posted on Facebook. Why could this be?
Facebook evaluates each job based on post quality to provide a good applicant experience. If you notice some jobs missing, they may not be passing this quality control. Take a look at the roles that are not appearing to see if you can make any updates to boost the quality. Follow our job description best practices guide for more details. 
Will jobs using a custom application show up on Facebook?
Yes – all open jobs (excluding remote positions) will be visible to applicants once the connection is live.
Why can’t I see settings or manage jobs on the Facebook business page?
Make sure that you are an administrator for the Facebook page. If your organization works with another team or company to manage your social media, feel free to share this post with them to get you setup. 
Can I have multiple organizations link to one Facebook page?
That feature will be rolling out to customers shortly. Contact for more details.
How do I remove a job from Facebook?
Unfortunately, we cannot enable or disable jobs from appearing in Facebook on a one-off basis.
How do I stop my company’s posts from appearing in my Facebook feed?
Open Hireology as an administrator and navigate to Settings >>> Career Site and uncheck the box next to Facebook.

We hope you’re excited to get started using Jobs on Facebook as a great new channel to find new applicants and get them into your hiring process.



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