Product Update: Job Creation Enhancements To Attract More Applicants

At Hireology, we are committed to improving how our customers’ jobs perform to help them attract the best talent.
Our latest enhancements to the job creation workflow are designed to do just that. With these changes, we simplified the process of creating a job on our platform with a new look and feel, and now allow you to include additional details that job seekers most desire to see.

What’s New

The job creation workflow is now divided into four pages named at the top of the screen: Details, Description, Hiring Steps and Preview.

We’ve updated the onscreen help language to better guide you through creating new jobs.

You can now create a job from your mobile phone with ease. Log in now from your phone to see the new mobile-friendly designs.

A new field, powered by Google Maps, allows you to add an exact street address to give your jobs greater visibility in Google for Jobs search results. Google for Jobs is a major factor in the job search market with 73% of job seekers starting their job search on Google. When you include a full address in your job postings, Google prioritizes your job and lists it higher than jobs that don’t share address information. Why is this? Google knows that location is very important to job seekers and wants to provide added value by showing them jobs that are close to where they live. So, consider including a full address for your jobs to increase visibility, outrank your competitors, and ultimately drive more applicants.

The job preview has a new design as a pop-up instead of covering the entire screen, as it did previously.

The job description now appears on a separate page in step two of the workflow.

After viewing the job preview, the job profile is complete and will be automatically set to pending status. Here, you can indicate job visibility and note whether the job should be:

  • Public: published to your career site and ready to accept external applicants
  • Internal: not visible on your career site but shareable via a direct link for sourcing existing employees first
  • Pending: not visible on your career site and not shareable via a link (a default setting that must be changed to publish your job and start hiring)

Log in to Hireology now and check out all the new job creation changes.
If you’re not a current Hireology customer, get a demo to learn more about how our platform helps businesses attract quality talent.



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