Press Release: Senior Care Hires 11,000 with Hireology

BrightStar Care Uses Hireology Platform and Proactive Hiring Strategies to Fill Increasing Demand

As the number of aging Americans choosing to stay in their homes continues to rapidly escalate, providers of caregivers and in-home medical care struggle to fill demand. For national senior care franchises, recruiting thousands of skilled, dependable caregivers to match the specific needs of each family is no easy task.

The use of hiring and talent management platforms, among other proactive measures, has started to ease the recruitment burden. Major players like BrightStar Care, a national private duty home care and medical staffing franchise with more than 320 locations, have implemented training and resources around hiring best practices, as well as tools like Hireology’s integrated hiring and talent management platform.  

BrightStar Care uses the Hireology platform in its franchise system to:

  • Customize a recruiting strategy for each franchisee. The program allows for customization and offers flexible options for individual locations within a company to meet goals.
  • Develop effective job descriptions tailored for in-demand talent, while also showcasing employee testimonials and company culture and core values. Opportunities are then integrated through job boards, paid posting and social channels.
  • Quickly identify the most qualified applicants. Whenever a caregiver submits an application, the hiring and talent management system automatically sends pre-screen surveys and skills assessments.
  • Efficiently schedule, conduct interviews and create customized interview questions to help franchisees objectively assess each candidate.
  • By integrating the Hireology platform with its home health care management system, BrightStar Care is able to streamline operations, drive efficiency, and improve communication.

Read the full press release here.
For more information on how Hireology can help your home care business build your best team, see a demo today.



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