People First: Hireology Rewards Stand Out Employees with President’s Club

Hireology just sent several of our top employees to the beautiful Playa del Carmen in Mexico for five days and four nights of soaking up the sunshine and resting.

At Hireology, people are a top priority. We value our Hireologists as much as we value our customers. That’s why every year, we recognize our top sales representatives, customer success team members, and other employees who received one of our four company awards by taking them on an all-expense paid trip to a beautiful destination with our President’s Club!

“President’s Club is the ultimate sales achievement. However, it’s so much more than being recognized as a top performer,” said Liz Walla, hospitality team lead and President’s Club member.” At Hireology, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with business leaders and help them leverage modern technology to improve their recruitment efforts and build their best team. To me, there’s nothing more gratifying than helping our customers improve an aspect of their business/life.”

In 2020, Hireology’s leadership team created the President’s Club as a way to reward employees who have gone above and beyond their job description to help the company’s growth. In recognition of the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes to make Hireology successful as the only people-first HR and recruiting platform, the leadership team chose to extend the honor of President’s Club to the winners of Hireology’s Let’s Go, Impact, High-Five, and Engineering Excellence annual awards. 

“I am so honored to get to go on this trip because of the new award that I received in January — the Engineering Excellence Award!” said Kelsey Shiba, Associate Software Engineer. “I continue to be humbled by this award as this is my first year at Hireology and this is my first year as a software engineer.”

President’s Club members have much to look forward to in the next few days, including snorkeling in the Inha reef, relaxing on the beach, and a catamaran excursion. We wish them the best of times, and hope they take plenty of pictures!

Does the President’s Club sound like something you’d love to achieve? We thought so too — in addition to our already highly competitive incentive packages. Visit our career page to apply today!



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