Order Background Checks through Hireology!

Hireology is excited to announce that today users can select and add their choice of background checks or verification services for any job candidates and the process will be completed instantly inside the application. With this new feature, Hireology users will be able to cut down on their hiring time and save money in the process.
In order to give our customers one-click background checks, Hireology gave users direct access to three discounted verification packages or three categories of individual services. 

The available reports are:
  • Criminal background checks
  • Identity and reference verification services
  • Drug testingOrdering a background check is as simple as clicking a button! On the job detail page under each candidate’s pull down menu is a tab for “Order Background Checks,” just click it once and the candidate is instantly sent a request which on their approval will generate the report. 


Users can then view the status of the request at any time during the process. While the check is being completed users will see an ‘In Progress’ tab and when the check is complete, users will see a ‘View Report’ tab that is linked to the contents of the report. Turnaround for most checks is instantaneous depending on the search being conducted.

Start ordering background checks for your candidates today.



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