New in Hireology: Automated Interview Reminders For Faster, Seamless Hiring

Recruiters and hiring managers know just how frustrating scheduling and managing interviews can be. You waste valuable time manually communicating with candidates leading up to the interview and then even more time rescheduling if and when they don’t show up. Overall, the process can be a headache that adds days or even weeks onto your time-to-fill critical revenue-driving roles.

That’s why we’re excited to share our latest product enhancement: Automated interview reminders! The feature works by sending automated notifications to candidates about their upcoming interviews, with the ultimate goal of helping minimize time wasted on manual communications and missed interviews.

Hireology already automates interview scheduling by syncing with calendars and empowering candidates to self-select time slots that work for them. The addition of interview reminders adds another layer of automation, saving time for your team and helping you hire great talent even faster.

Eliminate manual work and hire better talent faster

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to recruiting in competitive sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and automotive today. 

In fact, recent Hireology research found that 61% of job seekers in those industries accepted the first offer they received in their most recent job search. On top of that, lack of communication and transparency is the #1 driver of interview no-shows or ghosting. 

In other words, moving faster in the hiring process and remaining in touch with candidates daily can be the difference between filling your open roles now or losing top talent to competitors down the street. Read on to learn how automated interview reminders helps you stay ahead of competitors in today’s challenging hiring market:

Cut wasted time

Automated communication with candidates minimizes the time wasted on manual reminders and rescheduling in the event of a no-show, freeing up time for you to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, the feature includes built-in templates with dynamic fields — making it easy to personalize communications without spending additional time.

Decrease speed-to-hire

Automated interview reminders ensure that candidates are promptly notified about their interview schedules, which keeps candidates engaged, excited, and reduces no-shows. Ultimately, this speeds up the hiring process by cutting down on the time you spend rescheduling interviews in the event of a no-show or starting from scratch by reducing sudden ghosting or drop outs.

Improve candidate quality 

Candidates who receive reminders are more likely to be well-prepared and engaged during interviews, leading to a higher quality of candidates. Personalized and frequent communication also reflect positively on your organization — giving top candidates another reason to choose your organization over competitors they might be interviewing with at the same time.

Getting started with automated interview reminders 

Getting started is easy. You’ll now have the option to select “Send automated candidate interview reminder” once you’ve scheduled an interview with a candidate. From there, a modal will appear prompting you to choose a time for your reminder and customize the copy. If you’re an existing customer looking for more information about using this tool, visit our knowledge base article.

Easily select the time for your reminder, channel (text or email), and customize the copy

At Hireology our ultimate goal has always been to empower our customers to hire better quality talent faster, and our latest enhancement to our interview scheduler does just that. Start leveraging this tool today to save time, reduce time-to-fill, and capture more than your fair share of top talent.

Not yet a Hireology customer? We’d love to show you more about how you can streamline interviews with our interview scheduling automation tools. Schedule a free demo to learn more today.



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