Millennial Monday: Videos Are Everything

By Team Hireology,
October 14, 2013

We all already know that millennials are obsessed with anything technology. It’s hard to find a millennial who doesn’t have their head down staring at their (insert technology here). However, since they are so infatuated with technology, it is very easy for companies to take advantage of it.

Meg Wagner talks about a new trend within millennials is the idea of online videos. It is reported that 34% of millennials watch more online videos than they watch TV. Of this amount, 84% reported that they watch either the same amount of more online videos than they did last year.

As we can see, this trend is increasing. So what does millennials and online videos have to do with you? 

Not only is technology a stepping stone to the next generation of business, but using online videos to recruit, job post, hire, etc will help you to be innovative in the industry. Even more, you will be able to reach more millennials by using online videos as a marketing tactic. Since we know millennials are the largest generation ever, we know that the workplace is soon to be taken over by millennials. We also know there are many factors, such as the technology that your company operates with, that will affect a millennial’s decision to apply to your company.

Millennials are reporting that there are significant benefits to online videos such as:

  • Easy access to what they want right away
  • Customized
  • Less expensive
  • More variety
  • More comfortable 

Why not help make the process of attracting millennials easier by using these benefits and tactics to reach them where they spend most of their time: The internet! 

Still have questions about how to deal with millennials and the hiring process? Check out our guide to millennials! 


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