Keys to Strengthening Your Dealership’s Onboarding Process

By Team Hireology,
October 11, 2016


Hireology CEO and cofounder, Adam Robinson, was recently published in Dealer Marketing Magazine for an article on the need and importance of implementing an onboarding process at dealerships. In the article, ‘8 Steps to More Effective Employee Onboarding,’ Adam revealed the secrets to ensuring an onboarding process that can help reduce turnover headaches and costs.


One crucial point that Adam addresses in the article is the actual need for dealership onboarding. The 2015 NADA Dealership Workforce Study revealed an approximate 72% turnover rate for salespeople at dealerships-which is extremely high. Adam then goes on to mention the fact that this turnover happens within the first three months of employment (‘41% of sales consultants within the first 90 days’).


With high costs deriving from employee turnover, dealerships are facing a real problem that’s affecting their bottom line. So, what can dealers do to help solve this issue? As Adam says, ‘You can’t expect new hires to make a real impact if you’re not making an impact on them.’


8 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Process


Here are the key steps that dealership’s can take to help get their employee’s on the right path towards a longer, successful career-according to Adam’s article:

  1.     Go over the fine print
  2.     Leave no room for doubt
  3.     Immerse new hires in your culture
  4.     Build strong connections at all levels
  5.     Encourage open communication
  6.     Offer opportunities for future growth
  7.     Provide easy access to resources
  8.     Build excitement around your brand


To get Adam’s full insight on ways to create a more effective onboarding process, read the original article by clicking here


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