Introducing Compli’s Glossary of Compliance Terms

Note: This is a guest post from Complí, a Hireology partner that manages HR and compliance initiatives across the entire workforce. We’re sharing expert content from the Compli team on the Hireology blog on a regular basis.
Let’s face it: workforce compliance is kind of a jargon factory. This is especially true for anyone in a highly regulated industry, such as consumer lending, automobile sales, or trucking.
For instance, do you know what Regulation E, M, and Z cover? Or the difference between restitution, reciprocity, retaliation, and quid pro quo? How about FCRA, FLSA and FMLA?

Do you ever get ECOA confused with ERISA? Not sure what counts as a UDAAP? Wondering if your deal jacket includes a Form 8300, or if your PIP isn’t biased toward whistleblowers?
Are your fixed operations a good candidate for business process automation? What are protected classes, and does your harassment program effectively address implicit bias against them? And who are Gramm, Leach, Bliley, Magnuson, and Moss?
If these questions are sending your brain spinning, giving you acid reflux, or bringing back memories of standardized testing, we’ve got something that will help. Check out the new Glossary of Terms.
With new technologies, trends, and state and federal rules introduced every day, the world is becoming a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms, abbreviations, and argot. We know that even the most seasoned industry professionals can have a hard time keeping up. So, we’ve compiled this resource to help you decipher all of the letters thrown your way.
On our Glossary page, you’ll find short, easy-to-understand definitions of dozens of key compliance terms. You can sort terms by industry, as well as by compliance initiative. Or, you can simply browse through and familiarize yourself with valuable regulatory and legal lingo at your own pace.
Check it out here.

About Complí

Complí provides a cloud-based solution that manages HR and compliance programs across your workforce. Automate learning and compliance business processes in one easy-to-use system for your employees and your managers. Deliver defensible proof of compliance to your auditors and executives to keep cool, calm, and compliant.
The Hireology and Compligo platforms are now integrated and work together to help businesses manage workforce programs across the entire employee lifecycle. Through the integration, customers can easily find the best candidates, efficiently complete hiring & onboarding processes, and keep employees on track with ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements.



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