Hireology Leads in Top 5 for 120+ G2 Reports

The Spring 2024 G2 reports are out — and Hireology is proud to share that we’ve secured a top five spot in more than 120 reports!

We also ranked #5 for applicant tracking systems (ATS) based on reported user satisfaction and #7 overall in the ATS category. Altogether, we were within the top 10 for 179 G2 reports, in the top 5 for 128 reports, and were ranked #1 in key 24 reports, including categories related to implementation, onboarding, and HR analytics.

Hireology is a powerful HR solution for recruiting and retention needs

The 2024 Spring G2 report revealed just how impactful the Hireology platform can be for many HR functions with its suite of pre- and post-hiring tools. We were awarded 30 leader badges spanning categories from the entire talent lifecycle, highlighting how impressive these features are to real life customers. 

Hireology also continued to be recognized for our remarkable customer success and implementation teams with the latest addition to our latest streak of award-winning customer support.

Key leader badges

  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Background check
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Drug testing
  • Employee referral
  • Job description management
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Recruitment platforms
  • Time tracking
  • Workforce management

Customer success & support badges

  • Best support
  • Best usability
  • Best relationship
  • Highest user adoption

Sales & implementation badges

  • Easiest doing business with
  • Easiest setup
  • Most implementable

Our promise to deliver value

One of Hireology’s core tenets is keeping a finger on the pulse of the current hiring market so we know where to focus on providing the best value for our customers. By looking at what works (and what doesn’t), we supply our customers with everything they need to hire better talent faster.

This dedication is what we believe has continued to earn the badges season after season — but we couldn’t do it without the support and honest feedback from our customers. 

As one customer said in their G2 review, “I am able to get the most applicants by posting positions through Hireology. The positions reach  multiple platforms and applicants. Once the applicant has gone through the screening and interview process, Hireology handles all of the onboarding documents as well, with reminders. Hireology makes it so much faster and easier to bring someone from an applicant to a new hire.”

In the first quarter of 2024, Hireology continued to improve our platform in a variety of ways, including updating both our iOS and Android mobile apps so hiring can continue on-the-go and partnering with Adams Keegan for an enhanced hiring experience for hotels and senior care facilities.

These incremental improvements to our user-friendly platform, along with our customer-first mindset, have allowed us to create a platform that allows businesses to hire better talent faster — but none of this recognition would be possible without the support of our loyal and dedicated customers. That being said, if you’ve been so kind as to leave us a review, thank you!

Not a Hireology customer yet, but want to see what sets us apart? Take a self-guided tour of our platform to discover the impact that the right software can make on your hiring goals and bottom line this year.



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