Hireology Goes All In With New Website Launch

Notice anything different about Hireology’s website? Good — we worked really hard on it!

As the only people-first recruiting and HR platform, we like to practice what we preach — and that means constantly evolving as a company to better serve our customers and candidates. We launched our new, rebranded website on February 15, 2022 because we are driven by the desire to always improve and be the best versions of ourselves. 

For our existing customers, you can still attract, hire, and manage talent from our intuitive system to turn hiring, HR, and payroll into a process your team –  and candidates – will love. The website was redesigned to drive user engagement and make key information more accessible to our target audiences.

We’ve revised our menu at the top of the page for easier navigation for both customers and Hireology candidates themselves. We have updated our graphics to reflect our modernized product as well as current hiring trends, just as we encourage our clients to customize their websites to better connect with and hire talent. Now, our product pages feature visuals for each of the three key product pillars, along with more detailed descriptions so you will know quickly if it will be a viable solution for your business.

We kept Hireology candidates in mind with this redesign, too. Now, candidates will have an easier time connecting with us when they choose to apply. All of the information you could possibly need during the hiring process concerning Hireology — from testimonials to a list of our benefits — is easier than ever to find.

“When we’re talking to our customers and prospects, we’re sharing our philosophy that company brand and employment brand are really the same thing.” said Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology. “So we wanted to practice what we preach with our customer-facing website. We have two goals with this new website: First is to make it easy for prospective customers to understand exactly what makes us unique and how our platform can meet the specific hiring needs of their businesses. Second, we want to showcase Hireology as the company where you want to build and grow your career.”

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our friends at Chicago-based web design and development agency, Solid Digital, for their support with the design and strategy of our new website and managing the project from start to finish. We couldn’t have done it without you!

As we grow as the leading people-first HR technology provider, we aim to continue exemplifying that same mentality with our new brand look and feel. At Hireology, we’ve always been going places — but now, we’re going there in style.



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