Hireology Announces Integration Partnership with Complí

The Addition Helps Customers Manage Compliance Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Hireology is excited to announce an integration partnership with Complí, the leading provider of automated workplace compliance through its platform, Compligo. The partnership enables customers to benefit from using Hireology to source and hire quality candidates and automatically transfer new hires to Compligo to complete onboarding. The integration also enables customers to maintain employee and organizational compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Employee compliance starts with the hiring process. Hireology enables employers to complete objective, compliant interviews and run background checks, among other key hiring steps, to ensure candidates are qualified before extending an offer. Post-hire, data from Hireology is seamlessly transferred to Compligo, which drives new hire productivity and compliance from day one with automated onboarding, learning management and compliance business processes.
“By bringing together two of the automotive industry’s leading human capital solutions, we’re combining the power of our proven hiring process and Compli’s unified compliance system,” said Adam Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Hireology. “For the first time, business leaders can secure quality talent and have confidence in knowing all talent management processes are fully compliant. Not only will this help prevent potential fines and litigation, but the partnership powers a more productive workforce by automating manual processes and ensuring up-to-date employee training.”
Through the integration, dealerships using Hireology and Compligo can accelerate time to productivity for new employees and automate manual, risk-prone processes with a seamless transition between hiring and onboarding. New hire paperwork is also centralized, so employers can securely store sensitive information and easily access it in the event of an audit or litigation.

Beyond hiring and onboarding, Hireology and Compligo ensure compliance with state and federal regulations throughout the employee lifecycle with streamlined management of the latest policies, training and information gathering. Compliance success is measured throughout the process with fully auditable tracking, notifications, dashboards and reports.
“Integration with Hireology means all new hires entering our onboarding process and compliance platform have already been screened for quality and fully verified through a comprehensive hiring process that includes background checks,” said Rob Warmack, CEO of Complí. “With Hireology and Compligo working together, dealerships and other employers can more quickly build productive teams, save time and money, and protect their businesses from the consequences of inappropriate or non-compliant employee behavior.”

For more information on how Hireology and Compligo help dealerships build their best teams and maintain compliance, visit www.hireology.com/NADA to schedule an appointment with a team member, stop by booth 849N at NADA or visit hireology.com/compliance



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