Here’s Why Your HR Team Should Stop Managing Job Boards

Many HR leaders spend too much time managing job boards when they could be working on more strategic tasks. In fact, HR decision makers spend an average of 12 hours each week – equivalent to 30% of a 40 hour work week on administrative tasks, such as answering email, scheduling interviews and managing job boards.
The average time it takes to post a single job board posting is 1.5 hours and each post can cost hundred of dollars. If your business frequently has job openings, the cost and time spent on each job board posting transaction add up quickly. Instead, by enlisting the help of an automated sourcing tool, you can move away from transactional job board spending and the entire process will be managed for you. Ultimately, this will save your team time and money, and help you attract more quality applicants.

Save Time

Hireology’s automated sourcing tool, Applicant Engine, manages your recruitment budget and invests your budget on sources expected to drive quality candidates based on predictive analytics. Applicant Engine taps into a network of 500+ applicant sourcing channels – including national job boards, organic search engine feeds, local classifieds, social media and other niche sources. While the recruitment campaign is being managed for you, your HR team can save time and spend it on other tasks to help move the business forward.

Save Money

Most businesses have limited – if any – visibility into the effectiveness of job board spend, which can result in spending recruitment budget on sources that aren’t resulting in quality candidates. With an applicant sourcing tool that posts jobs across a variety of channels, you can more effectively measure which sourcing channels are bringing in the most quality candidates and the total cost per hire – and move budget away from job boards that don’t result in quality candidates or hires. This ultimately enables your business to reach candidates through more sources while saving money that otherwise would have been spent on job boards with unknown ROI. Hireology customers who have tapped into Applicant Engine have seen a 30% reduction in job board costs.

Attract More Quality Candidates  

When you don’t have a process in place to focus your budget only on sourcing channels that deliver results, your HR team might end up spending time and resources on poor applicants. Once you receive poor applicants, you’ll continue to spend time and resources on these applicants – either through your HR team reviewing resumes that aren’t a fit or even spending time interviewing applicants who aren’t qualified for the role. And if you keep receiving poor applicants, it will take your business longer than expected to fill open roles – causing productivity to take a hit. But with a more strategic approach using an automated sourcing tool, you can shift to only spending budget on sources that drive quality applicants. A quality applicant is defined as someone who is qualified to advance to the candidate stage. Hireology customers who have embraced the power of automated sourcing with Applicant Engine have seen double the amount quality applicants compared to traditional job boards.
Are you tired of spending time managing expensive job boards with unknown ROI? Making the switch to an automated tool can help your business source smarter. For more actionable tips on how to improve your sourcing strategy, download “The Hireology Applicant Sourcing Playbook.”





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