Hang Out with a Hireologist: Justin Torres

At Hireology, we value feedback of all kinds, from our customers to our Hireologists — even our candidates.

Every week, we recognize employees who embody our core values at our Weekly Huddle. We’ve decided to hand select a few Hireologists who have gone above and beyond in their roles to advance the company and grow as individuals. After all, if it wasn’t for this indomitable spirit of all Hireologists — past and present — we wouldn’t have ranked on Built In Chicago’s Best Places to Work in 2022!

Hang out with Justin Torres, a Sales Development Representative at Hireology, to find out what attracted him to the company as a new graduate and how he envisions his career with us.

Hireology: What were you doing before joining Hireology?

Justin: This is actually my first job right out of college!

H: What was it about Hireology that attracted you to the company and convinced you to join the team?

J: What convinced me to join the team were the career path options. I have always been someone who wants to learn as much as I can and Hireology was the first company that showed me I didn’t have to be in the same job for the entirety of my career. If I wanted to learn more about any other department, I could shadow someone and apply for an open position. I love the flexibility that having career path options available provides.

H: Can you give me a high level overview of what you do as a Sales Development Representative?

J: I conduct outreach on inbound leads to qualify them in or out; from there, I help businesses get scheduled for a demo with the proper representative.

H: What is something you’ve done during your time at Hireology that you’re most proud of?

J: I would say something that I’m most proud of would be setting the meetings that helped the sales team meet their 2021 quotas — and January 2022 so far, too!

H: What do you love most about working at Hireology?

J: What I love most about Hireology is being able to build relationships with people in different departments — especially with our Connect and Kickoff events. Being able to cross collaborate and connect with every department at these events have been huge highlights for me throughout my time here. On top of that, everyone is really kind and welcoming. From the day that I started and came into the office, I have enjoyed being around everyone. I hear about cultures at other companies through my friends and it sounds like people just stay in their own department and don’t leave their bubble. People here really abide by our “No Assholes” policy and it’s something I really appreciate. 

H: What advice do you have for people looking to grow their careers in sales?

J: Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best help that I have received has been from my coworkers when I wasn’t sure on how to approach a certain situation or call. But you also have to be creative because not every call or email should be the same. 

At Hireology, we place great emphasis on taking care of our employees. From onboarding to regular day-to-day operations, we make sure that our employees have the opportunity to flourish in their current roles while also giving them room for growth via multiple learning opportunities and mentorship programs. On top of these amazing educational pursuits, Hireologists enjoy a number of great perks, including unlimited PTO and competitive pay and benefits packages. For a full list of our benefits, check out our career page.

If you can picture yourself working for a company that is dedicated to fostering the growth of its employees’ careers, apply now!

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