Candidate Rejection Letter: The only template you need

Rejection letters are one of the most overlooked aspects of the hiring process. After dismissing a candidate as a bad fit, many managers don’t even consider about reaching out to the candidate. While it’s understandable that their primary concern is with the candidates they are pursing further, it’s those candidates who have been rejected that ultimately control the future of that company’s hiring efforts.
Sure, that may sound a little dramatic. But with sites like Glassdoor providing a stage for candidates and employees to voice their experiences with the hiring process (amongst other things), managers really need to rethink their approach to candidate communication if they don’t want to deter future job seekers from applying. After all, candidate experience goes a long way.
Next time you’re going through the process of rejecting applicants, be sure to use this email template to give them a friendly notification that they are no longer in the running. All you have to do is select the email recipient, customize it with their name and the position, and click send!



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