3 Hiring Challenges in the Auto Industry

3 Hiring Challenges in the Auto Industry

The automotive industry has a huge footprint on the American economy. From manufacturers to dealerships to aftermarket resellers, there are numerous stakeholders that have a lot to gain – and lose.
A major component of success for the various players in the automotive world is hiring. In particular, auto dealerships face significant challenges in recruiting and retaining employees, as well as putting a strategy in place to find the best talent.
Today, Hireology reviews three of the top hiring challenges facing the auto industry and dealerships in particular.

1.) Miscommunication

One of the biggest issues that many businesses have to overcome is organizational silos. This frequently-occurring problem arises when different departments fail to communicate with each other. Hiring is typically a task managed by the human resources department. This is a group of individuals that may be well-trained in educating staff on compliance and regulatory issues, but may not have the depth of knowledge necessary to locate and hire the best candidates. For a dealership, a sales manager may be looking for a skill set in a new hire that’s very distinct from a candidate for the service department. To hire the best candidates for every department, there needs to be clear communication between HR and different departments heads.

2.) Turnover Tumult

According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, there’s a significant amount of turnover in the automotive industry. This is a huge issue for businesses like auto dealerships because it causes a huge strain on operations. You have to take the time to recruit, hire and train new staff members to replace those who have left. This doesn’t even take into account the potential loss of knowledge with each worker who leaves. Citing data from Auto Dealer Monthly, the Chronicle explained that it costs roughly $3,000 to replace a lower-level employee. When you work your way up the career ladder, it’s increasingly costly to replace senior staff members. It’s critical to develop the means to find out why turnover occurs and discover the solution.

3.) Workflow Failures

A big hole in many company hiring strategies stem from not having a strong applicant processing workflow set up. Creating a standardized procedure for auto dealership HR team members to follow helps avoid many of the issues listed above. For instance, by setting up a customized career portal for applicants to submit their documents and forms helps you attract qualified applicants based on specific criteria, including geographic location and requirements. From that point, you’re able to pre-screen applicants to find out if they have the right qualifications for a specific role and will be aligned with the company culture.

What Hireology Offers

Is your auto dealership running into these hiring issues? Hireology is your resource to streamline the hiring process. With tools for pre-screening candidates and interview scorecards, Hireology provides your business with the technology you need.
For more information on how Hireology can give your auto dealership the tools it needs to find the right person for the job, click on the complimentary eBook below.



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