Those in leadership positions represent your company to customers and internal staff members, so they have a great deal of direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Whether you’re considering promoting an employee to a management position or hiring externally for a leadership position, it’s important to create a strategy that allows you to evaluate your candidates to ensure they’ll lead your team to success. 
According to a Gallup study, one in two employees have left their job to get away from their manager at some point in their career. Additionally, only 35% of managers are engaged, costing businesses $319 billion to $398 billion annually. 
Employees supervised by highly engaged leadership teams are 39% more likely to be engaged themselves, so your bottom line and your employee productivity hinges on the management you select. 
Make sure you’re choosing the right managers to lead your team with these pointers. 

What makes a great leader?

Holding a leadership position is not an easy job by any means, and it takes a certain individual with particular qualities to keep your staff motivated. When hiring for your leadership positions, look for an individual who:

Assess Your Current Leadership Team

If you’re looking to recruit the best managers to your company, they’ll want to be among other great leaders. Assess your team to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight and are continuing to grow with your company. If you notice you’ve got people in place that aren’t engaged or are failing to motivate their teams, consider cleaning up shop and making way for those individuals that will have a really positive impact on your organization and team. 

Look Internally

You likely have manager-ready employees currently at your organization, so look inward and see if there are any good prospects. Previous management isn’t a necessary prerequisite, so look at their skill development, how they communicate, and level of interest in management to identify employees that would be great managers.  
For team members that aren’t quite ready for management but show promise and are eager to move into a leadership role, scope out how to further their career development and create a timeline that they can follow. Consider offering mentorship, coaching, and onsite training to get your employees to the next level. 

Involve the Right Folks in the Process

Make sure that those who will work closest with the position are involved in the process and can assess your candidates’ abilities. Ideally, your hiring team will be made up of a direct report, a peer, and the hiring manager. This will give you the best chance at finding the right fit by making sure there’s honest feedback on your candidates from all levels of your company. 

Know What You’re Lacking

Finding someone who’s the right fit for the role is important, and you also want to consider what your current leadership team is lacking. Is your leadership comprised of individuals who are great at their jobs but less approachable or open to change? Hire someone that will balance that out. Think about what’s missing from your team now, and seek that in your next manager. 

Be a Place Great People Want to Work

Hiring the best people means you are an attractive employer who goes above and beyond to make their employees feel valued. Have a thorough look at your employer brand and make sure your reputation aligns with the talent you’re attempting to attract. 
A few questions to evaluate with your HR team around your employer brand: 

All of these questions reveal important criteria about your company’s ability to attract and retain the best managers. Make sure you’re prioritizing improvements where necessary to build a brand you’re proud of and your employees are proud to be a part of. And don’t forget to advertise these changes on your career site and social media to get the word out to prospective candidates. 

Get Moving

The faster you start the process, the faster you’ll have a great manager leading your team. Does your company need help with hiring the best individuals fast? Schedule a demo today to see how Hireology can transform your hiring process.