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Through 50+ years of service, Walser Automotive Group has become a pioneer in the automotive industry. Walser’s progressive commitment to growth, innovation, and the customer experience has changed the car-buying journey. In 2016, Walser partnered with Hireology to rethink their hiring process and make a dramatic investment into their employment brand across the group. 

More recently, Walser is using Hireology to intelligently source quality applicants at scale for the group’s 150+ openings as the demand for great employees has never been greater.

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Walser partnered with Hireology to centralize all hiring efforts for the past two years across more than 20 rooftops. The group has made considerable strides to implement Hireology’s focused hiring process and is realizing great results – across the group, the average time to hire is just 15 days: over 2x faster than the retail automotive average of 32 days to source and hire a new employee.

Like virtually all dealerships across the U.S., Walser had challenges finding great new talent across both sales and fixed ops roles. Increasing spending on one-off job boards wasn’t helping Walser better connect with quality applicants, so we began working together on an innovative solution that transformed Walser’s recruiting and sourcing efforts into an efficient and ROI-focused campaign to find in-demand talent while saving money compared to traditional recruitment channels.


This summer, Walser was among the first Hireology customers to leverage Applicant Engine – our programmatic sourcing tool that searches across job boards, niche employment networks, and local publications to connect with applicants at scale. And since Applicant Engine is integrated with Hireology, it learns over time which sources are delivering the most quality applicants – so it can intelligently adapt to focus on the sources that are delivering results to track and drive the most ROI.


Hireology centralizes all results with the Sourcing Insight – our analytics platform – to transparently show the channels driving the most applicants, quality applicants and hires, as well as the overall spend across channel to provide a bird’s eye view of all activity across partners so you know exactly where top applicants are originating from.

We’ve hired a number of candidates that came from applicant engine. The more I work with the team, the more results I get. The focus on quality is far more valuable to us than just seeing additional applicants.

– Ryan Moffitt

Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group


Applicant Engine ties directly into the hiring process so top applicants are automatically added to Hireology. From here, applicants complete their pre-screen surveys and are evaluated by the hiring manager to determine which candidates to advance to the interview step. During Walser’s applicant engine campaigns, 34% of Applicant Engine applicants were marked as “quality applicants” – meaning they were qualified enough to advance to the interview step – far higher than traditional job boards.

With Applicant Engine, Walser can automate the more mundane steps of applicant sourcing while reaching applicants that simply wouldn’t be possible using one-off sponsored job board purchases, social media, or classified ads alone. And as Applicant Engine learns which sources drive results, it’ll mean Walser will receive stronger ROI as they continue to leverage the platform to find quality applicants, while letting the Walser team focus on their people instead of managing job board purchases and manually tracking applicant activity. 

I liked the idea of having an advertising partner that knows us, and can help guide us in the space keeping our best interests in mind.

– Ryan Moffitt

Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group

Driving hires for in-demand roles:

During the initial trial with Applicant Engine, Walser was able to source several roles more effectively than with traditional job boards alone. 

In the first 60 days, Applicant Engine found quality applicants that turned into hires for 10+ roles, including:

  • Front desk coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • Accounting clerk
  • Customer Specialist
  • Entry-level technician
  • Parts runner
  • Graphic designer
  • Sales manager
  • Retail marketing specialist

Applicant Engine seems to find what’s working and what’s not instead of blindly blasting and posting everywhere we go. I’ve seen traction in some areas that we previously didn’t have, in our game we need some volume and app engine has helped provide without needing extra resource on my end.

– Ryan Moffitt

Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group

Applicant Engine vs. Traditional Job Boards:

Across all of retail automotive, Applicant Engine has driven great results compared to more manual, traditional sourcing channels. 

Here are some results across our dealership customers already using Applicant Engine to programmatically build their best teams:

  • 232% more overall quality applicants
  • 150% increased candidates across all roles
  • 65% more hires made vs. traditional channels
  • 40% reduction in the cost per applicant
  • 47% reduction in the cost per quality applicant

Because my team isn’t spending their time sourcing and searching, they are spending more time with candidates and our hiring managers.  The cost of purchasing all the tools needed to source appropriately is high, and applicant engine allows us to save money on tools while letting us focus on our  people. The efficiencies gained allow me to be a better steward of company resources.

– Ryan Moffitt

Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group

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