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Kocourek is a group with multiple locations that wanted to modernize their approach to hiring. Before Hireology, Kocourek relied on a paper-based application that created a lot of headaches for hiring managers. And since the application itself was 8 pages long, they also knew they were experiencing drop offs from potentially good candidates. The group realized there was a better way to run their process while showcasing some of the great culture that wasn’t coming across in the applicant experience.

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With the need to completely eliminate paper-based forms from hiring efforts while looking for a partner that could also help Kocourek share their employment brand, the decision was made to work with Hireology to hit the reset button and bring the hiring process into the 21st century.


By working with Hireology, Kocourek developed a hiring process that engaged top applicants through an all-digital process that meant no more papers – or applicants – getting lost in the shuffle. Since implementing the Hireology solution, Kocourek has a consistent, compliant, and collaborative hiring process that fully vets candidates to fill their roles quickly.

The process runs so well that Kocourek enjoys an average time to hire of just 21 days: nearly a week faster than the Hireology automotive average.


After working together since 2015, Kocourek uses Hireology to power the hiring process across each of the 7 Kocourek rooftops. At the group and dealership levels alike, a vast improvement has been seen compared to the old, paper-based system.

Applicant Tracking

Beyond setting up Kocourek up on the platform, the Hireology team ensured all hiring managers were trained and comfortable with the system, keeping the platform as the single source of truth for everything hiring-related. By working together, Hireology customized the hiring steps, interview guides, and pre-screen surveys to ensure all applicants had a great experience that provided hiring manages with the information they needed to make the right hiring decisions.

It’s really important for us to get the information on our career site so the candidates see how much fun we have here.

– Corrine Simonson

Human Resources Manager, Kocourek

Career Site

Beyond the great career opportunities, Kocourek needed a way to showcase the culture and growth trajectory possible across their group. By peppering these details into a uniform job description template, sharing cultural information on the career site, Kocourek is able to get a better sense of what the group offers to top applicants who are looking for much more than a list of job-specific details for their next career move.


“It’s really important for us to get the information on our career site so the candidates see how much fun we have here.” – Corrine Simonson, Human Resources Manager, Kocourek


Applicant Engine

More recently, Kocourek was able to leverage Applicant Engine – Hireology’s newest automated way to engage with top applicants across multiple job boards, social media, and classified ads at scale. In a recent hiring campaign, Kocourek was able to source applicants with a 63% quality rate – meaning 2/3 of those who Hireology found and that applied were qualified enough to advance to the interview round. All in a more cost-effective way than job boards that took no time from the Kocourek time to manage.


Talent Coach

To ensure ongoing success with Hireology, our team dedicates a consultant well-versed on the unique market needs of Kocourek to make sure all hiring managers feel confident using the platform. Our talent coaches are a unique addition to the hiring space to provide white glove advice and training across the group to keep the process successful.

Ariel can either answer my questions immediately and if she doesn’t know always points me in the right direction. Our locations have used the support function for Hireology to get help when they need it.

– Corrine Simonson

Human Resources Manager, Kocourek

Candidate Communication

Hireology has multiple ways to keep candidates engaged. Through automated reminders, hiring manager commenting, candidate transfer tools, email templates and SMS candidate messaging, our communications suite helps all hiring managers stay on top of their tasks while decluttering their inboxes. 

My team loves the SMS feature. This has been a game changer for us reaching candidates with more success in replying. People don’t read emails as fast as they do a text. This is a great way to communicate to the candidates during the process.

– Corrine Simonson

Human Resources Manager, Kocourek

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Hireology was founded on the insight that companies following a prescribed hiring process find and retain better talent. By treating hiring as a science, we help organizations build stronger teams to drive higher productivity while lowering costs and turnover. Our Intelligent Hiring Framework™ is the process we bring to our customers to define, source, select and verify candidates for a comprehensive evaluation that leads to higher-caliber, longer-term employees.

We built Hireology to serve entrepreneurs: franchise, retail automotive and small business owners that rely on a driven and engaged team to drive business impact. This customer group is comprised of thousands of companies making a large portion of the employment market, while it’s also a segment we’ve seen as historically underserved by world-class SaaS hiring tools.

The Intelligent Hiring Framework™ — the methodology at the core of our process — transforms the disjointed, time-consuming hiring tasks into a seamless web app experience. This userfriendly approach scales from single-location businesses to organizations tasked at hiring hundreds of employees a year. Our platform covers each step of the process: from defining the job and sourcing applicants to interviewing and verifying candidates for a complete look at candidate potential.

Hireology was founded by our CEO Adam Robinson who brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of hiring and selection management. Adam leads a nimble Chicago-based executive team bringing experience from leading technology companies such as Groupon, Deloitte and Google.