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As one of the largest groups with stores between Michigan and Illinois, Fox Motors chose Hireology to operationalize the hiring process and help invest into the Fox employment brand. See how Hireology helps Fox run a comprehensive hiring process to find the right employees while advocating for all of the key dealership benefits like their renown apprenticeship program and state-of-the-art dealership facilities.

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As a leading group with locations across Michigan and Illinois, Fox was looking to focus on their people operations to drive more value back to the business. The leadership team was looking to drive consistency across the 30+ existing Fox Motors locations, as well as set up new stores coming into the Fox family through acquisitions on the path to success.

For new markets specifically, Fox wanted to tell the story of their incredible training and mentorship program that made them staples in their existing communities, but may not have been known in their expanded markets. Another goal of the project quickly became highlighting the Fox history, training programs, and culture to ensure all applicants could see the incredible opportunity Fox offered to their employees.

Being able to get all of the pieces of the hiring process together in one platform is a game changer. 

– Evelyn Rojas

Talent Development Manager, Fox Motors


In 2016, Fox and Hireology partnered to establish a hiring process and external career site efforts to build an engaging employment brand career site to reach top applicants – especially in new markets.

Over the past two years together, Hireology has been implemented successfully across all Fox locations and helped showcase their culture and mentorship program through their career site as well as an immersive career video that highlights the Fox opportunity across all departments and levels.

Beyond establishing a brand and process, Hireology was Fox’s partner in place to help through two dealership acquisitions – helping hire multiple locations at scale in record time.

Using the process has allowed our managers to have more structure but most importantly it’s allowed us to hire the right candidates and hire right the first time. 

– Sherri Menard

VP Human Resources | Fox Motors


Hireology helped Fox through a key challenge all dealership groups of any size face: not everyone is formally trained to hire effectively. By setting up an easy-to-follow process, Fox leadership can give control over hiring decisions to each store while knowing that the Fox reputation and candidate experience is received by each and every applicant. 

To ensure the right person is chosen for each role, Fox has also rolled out a process to ensure each applicant receives a skill test, reference check, and background screening – something that wasn’t possible with their old, manual hiring process that involved lots of email and paper forms. 

And despite the steps required to make sure each candidate is fully reviewed before a hiring decision is made, Fox Motors enjoys an incredibly high hiring velocity: the average applicant is hired within 19 days – beating the industry average by more than a full week. This not only ensures top applicants are brought onboard quickly, but they’re hired with the confidence of being fully vetted by the Fox process.

Fox Motors Career Site

One of Fox’s most incredible programs is their mentorship and apprentice training programs. It’s not uncommon for people to begin a career at Fox, stay with the company, and work up to senior roles across the showroom, fixed ops, and business teams. This is how many of Fox’s current leaders worked into their current roles at the group. Fox wanted to highlight this across with mention of the mentorship program and opportunities to advance on the career site. Fox and Hireology partnered to create an employment branding video that showcases what it’s like to work across departments at a Fox location in the heart of downtown Chicago while letting team members tell in their words why they chose to work with Fox and the opportunities they’re provided compared to other local dealerships. 

These efforts are helping the Fox family expand to even more locations. Since 2017, Hireology has been with Fox on two full dealership acquisitions helping from both an employment branding as well as by establishing a hiring practice that allows Fox to hire upwards of 100 people within a month to ensure everything is on track and the right team is in place for new store openings. 

Seeing Results with Insights

Fox leverages Insights to track activity across each dealership while offering corporate a bird’s eye view of hiring activity and trends across the group. Through the in-platform analytics and email summaries, each hiring manager is able to see hiring trends and optimize the overall process. By seeing their opportunities to make the hiring process better, Fox hiring managers have been able to get their average time to hire down to 19 days. 

With the average unfilled dealership role costing the group $1,000 a day, this hard work has added considerable amount of revenue back to Fox. Scaled over the 1,400 hires they’ve made since the beginning of 2017, we’re excited to contribute to Fox’s continued success.

Talent Coach Advocacy & Support

One of the key resources Hireology provides to our dealership customers is a dedicated talent coach, serving as a hiring consultant and Hireology platform expert. Over the past two years, Fox has had the same key resource to help get the platform up and running, make recommendations to the hiring steps, job descriptions, interview questions and appropriate verifications, and overall serve as a sounding board for questions. Ariel – one of our Hireologists – has met with each Fox rooftop team and ensures each hiring manager gets trained on the platform and has a direct link to support when advice is needed. “I love working with Fox and consider myself an extension of their team.” – Ariel Slabotsky, Senior Account Manager, Hireology

The candidates we are retaining are the candidates that apply through our career site. And that’s all been thanks to the help Hireology provided to us in creating that website.

– Sherri Menard

VP Human Resources | Fox Motors

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Hireology was founded on the insight that companies following a prescribed hiring process find and retain better talent. By treating hiring as a science, we help organizations build stronger teams to drive higher productivity while lowering costs and turnover. Our Intelligent Hiring Framework™ is the process we bring to our customers to define, source, select and verify candidates for a comprehensive evaluation that leads to higher-caliber, longer-term employees.

We built Hireology to serve entrepreneurs: franchise, retail automotive and small business owners that rely on a driven and engaged team to drive business impact. This customer group is comprised of thousands of companies making a large portion of the employment market, while it’s also a segment we’ve seen as historically underserved by world-class SaaS hiring tools.

The Intelligent Hiring Framework™ — the methodology at the core of our process — transforms the disjointed, time-consuming hiring tasks into a seamless web app experience. This userfriendly approach scales from single-location businesses to organizations tasked at hiring hundreds of employees a year. Our platform covers each step of the process: from defining the job and sourcing applicants to interviewing and verifying candidates for a complete look at candidate potential.

Hireology was founded by our CEO Adam Robinson who brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of hiring and selection management. Adam leads a nimble Chicago-based executive team bringing experience from leading technology companies such as Groupon, Deloitte and Google.