Hireology + Horwath HTL
+ TPG Hotels & Resorts

Elevating Hotel Success Through Strategic Hiring

Actionable solutions to today’s talent crisis from three leading players in the hospitality hiring space
February 22 @ 1:00 PM CST
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Join leaders from Hireology, Horwath HTL, and TPG Hotels & Resorts for a one-of-a-kind panel webinar focused on recruiting better quality talent to drive hospitality business growth. For years, hotels have struggled to rebuild the teams they lost at the onset of the pandemic. And as we head into 2024, the hospitality industry is still well behind similar sectors when it comes to staffing levels.

Leading hotels must make significant process and technology changes today in order to win in the year ahead. In this webinar, experts from all three organizations we’ll dive deep into what it takes to:

Attract top
hospitality talent today
Optimize your hiring processes to keep top talent engaged and hire faster
Build a top-notch workplace culture where employees thrive
Leverage your team to drive real bottom-line success

Meet your speakers

Adam Robinson

CEO | Hireology

Ryan Minton

TPG Hotels & Resorts

Paul Breslin

Managing Director | Horwath HTL

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