Writing Picture-Perfect Job Descriptions

By Team Hireology,
January 9, 2015

Award season is approaching us and for those who care, it’s an exciting time to watch TV. On the other hand, if you’re anything like me and are not a fan of watching celebrities give each other awards, you could probably care less. However, depending on who hosts the award show, it’s always fun to tune in and see what happens.

The hosts with the best jokes and wits are always the ones who seem to have the most success with these types of live shows. It takes ample skill to lure a large audience, at home and in the theater, and entertain them for such an extended amount of time. If there’s one thing an award show host must have to succeed (and grab my attention), it’s presentation skills.

Oddly enough, it takes the same type of skill to attract quality candidates. Job descriptions are a crucial part of the hiring process. If you don’t know how to present your open position with some sort of showmanship and creativity, you’re bound to get less qualified candidates or people who are only looking for a paycheck, instead of a career. Therefore, if you’re going to hire someone make sure you start off on the right foot. 

All accomplished performances and work have something that makes it attractive. Otherwise, no one would pay attention. Before you decide to even spread the word that you’re hiring, make sure you set-up an attractive job description. Below is a quick checklist to refer to while writing your description. Make sure you have these basic elements included because without them, you could be in for a long, frustrating hiring process.

Elements Of An Award-Winning Post 

  • A unique job title
  • 1-2 paragraphs of a general overview of the open position
  • Bullet points listing responsibilities
  • Bullet points listing requirements
  • 1-2 paragraphs highlighting the company, culture, environment, job perks, and any additional information about the job

This is just a synopsis of how to write a compelling job description. If you really want to nail down the best-performing post, download our eBook below, free of charge!

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