Why Your Company Needs an HR Strategy, No Matter Its Size

By Team Hireology,
July 30, 2014

Successful hiring is about more than simply filing qualified employees through your company’s doors. A great hiring process feeds into a more comprehensive plan–a human resources strategy that actually improves your business. 

By definition, strategic human resources planning aligns the management of your company’s employees with its overarching mission. This kind of big-picture thinking during the recruitment process is fairly common in mid to large-sized companies, but has failed to become a hiring standard amongst businesses of a smaller size.

If you’re a small business manager, you might think developing such a strategy is a waste of your company’s precious time and resources. However, it’s time to think again. No matter the size or scale of your business, it can reap the many benefits of a solid human resources strategy. Here’s why:

An HR strategy moves your business forward

The people your company employs can influence its success just as much as the products or services it provides. A plan that integrates the people you hire with your business vision will significantly improve your ability to achieve it.

An HR strategy makes hiring decisions easier

Having a plan makes hiring decisions a whole lot easier. For example, if you’re hiring with the idea of improving your company’s customer service reputation in mind, the purpose becomes much clearer to both you and your new hire.

An HR strategy protects your investments

Making initial investments in employees and then failing to see them through could be the cause of a plethora of small business problems. This includes turnover and workplace motivation. By taking the time to think about how your employees will be trained, promoted, and treated, you’ll create a thoughtful work environment that people want to work in. This, in turn, will attract even better talent. 

No matter if you work in the automotive industry or own a restaurant, formulating an effective HR strategy has the potential to change your business. For more helpful small business advice, check out our ebook, A Small Businesses’ Reference Guide to Hiring. 

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