An Even Stronger Case for Hiring Veterans

By Team Hireology,
June 25, 2014

If you were lucky enough to attend the 2014 Society of Human Resources Management Conference this week, you saw former First Lady Laura Bush lend some inspiring words to the hiring community. For those who weren’t there, here was a key and timely takeaway from the closing keynote speech: you should hire veterans. 

The topic of hiring veterans comes into discussion every year around this time, when between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July we turn our thoughts to those who have served our country. While we are undoubtedly thankful, a veteran unemployment rate that holds steadily above the national average shows a disconnect between this gratitude and businesses’ willingness to take a chance on their skills. According to Bush, there is a “divide” between the work lives of veterans and non-veterans. 

In order to bridge this divide, it will take a year-round combination of effort, open-mindedness, and recognition of the fact that hiring veterans can actually be very beneficial to your business. After all, how hard is it to fathom that a job candidate rooted in hard work and discipline could turn out to be one of your best employees? For a more in-depth look at precisely what veterans can contribute to your company, take a look at the ebook below.  

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