Why you need to get mobile-friendly with your hiring process…

By Team Hireology,
December 11, 2015

You’re late. You’ve finally gotten around to updating your website and feel pleased that you can now attract all of the business, customers and potential employees that you’ve ever wanted; but you’re still late. 

Updating your website is good for business, sure, but if you’re not accessible through mobile devices than you’re late to the game of today’s thriving businesses.

2016 is quickly approaching and if you’re not taking the right steps to modernize your business, then you’ll be runner-up to your competitors in the game of winning business, as well as future employees. Now is the time to start updating the way you promote your company. Regardless of whether you’re hiring soon or in the next few months, you have make sure you’re job postings are mobile-friendly for several reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Mobile

Attracting talent is one of the first steps of the hiring process. More and more companies are starting to incorporate mobile experiences into their hiring processes and there’s a reason why. According to a recent ERE article, ‘Americans are as likely to turn to the Internet when searching for a job as to their friends and connections, and many of those who do consider the Internet more important than any other resource.’

The article goes on to cite a report that has found proof that mobile experiences are trending and that it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Here are five reasons from the report as to why you need to make your hiring process mobile-friendly:

  1. ‘…4 in 10 are using their phones to search and apply.’
  2. “And those numbers are rising. Among those who have looked for a job in the last two years, 90 percent went online and 84 percent applied that way.’
  3. ‘Twenty-eight percent of adults have used a phone to job search.’
  4. ‘As you might expect, millennial job seekers – those between 18 and 29 – are the heaviest phone users; 54 percent have used their phone for job hunting.’
  5. ‘What you might not have expected is that those between 30 and 49, the mid-careerists who have the background and experience to step into management or step up the ladder, are also using their smartphones to job hunt. Pew found that 37 percent of those in that age group have searched by phone; and the more they earn and the better educated they are, the more likely they are to use a phone.’

Mobility will affect hiring in 2016, especially for job applicants. Millennials are more likely to fill out job applications online or on their mobile devices than they are the paper, traditional way, according to Hireology findings. The companies who make their job postings and applications available via mobile devices will be more likely to attract top talent compared to those who don’t.


If you have haven’t already set-up your hiring process to be mobile-friendly, click on the link below for tips on how to improve your recruiting and hiring in 2016.

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