Why You Need An Applicant Tracking System

By Natalie Pike,
July 1, 2015

These days, time is money. No one, for the most part, spends their time lolly-gagging around enjoying life without working for it. We don’t have time to do every task manually and if we do, who would want to? I’d much rather spend my free time on the beach or sipping a beer on my patio.

As a hiring manager, you probably receive hundreds of resumes a day, but how many of those resumes do you say “wow. I’m going to bring him/her in for an interview?” My guess is not a lot. Here’s where the idea of implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS) comes into play.

According to Mashable, “ATS services do all the sifting and sorting work for you, so you can avoid the feeling of resume overload. You set up your application for potential candidates to fill out and the software will scan and separate them using a grading system that identifies the top candidates.”

Music to your ears? I thought so.

Mashable also gave three more reasons why your business needs an ATS.

Mashable’s Reasons Why Your Company Needs An Applicant Tracking System

1. It’s intelligent enough to help find candidates

So, what if I’m wrong and you don’t get slammed with resumes every day? Then it looks like you need to find some candidates. Some ATS platforms pro-actively go out and hunt for the candidates for your positions. Getting your business on this track now will ensure that you find great people in the future. 

2. It saves you time and money

With what you have learned here so far, it is clear that an ATS really takes much of the reading and sorting out of your hands. You can then focus less time and funds on recruiting and more on getting your business up and running. 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average cost to make an entry-level hire over the past few years has ranged from $5,700 to $8,900 including college recruiting salaries, expense reimbursement, travel, relocation, etc. As you can see, hiring a single person can be extremely expensive. Much of the initial screening time (and, in turn, cost) can be eliminated with an ATS.

3. You Will Have a Resource Database Built Up Over Time

Most of the time, you’ll need numerous people for the same “potsition” or “title.” For example, if you are looking to hire and build a sales team, I’m sure you aren’t just looking for one salesperson. You might need many people at the same level. When you need a position like this, or even a new opening, you’ll have easy access to quality resumes in your database collected through your ATS. Every company looks for ways to decrease costs and increase productivity, right? 

Now that you have a better idea of what an ATS is and the benefits it can provide, there’s really no reason not to get one. Stop wasting time (and money) and put an applicant tracking system in place. 

There’s no need for you to do research on which ATS to go with – Hireology can get you started right away. Just click on the banner below. We can’t wait to help you hire!

About the Author

Natalie is the Marketing Strategist, responsible for knowing the ins and outs of the SMB Industry, educating prospects on hiring best practices and positioning Hireology as a thought leader in the SMB space. She started at Hireology in 2014, writing blogs, planning events and managing the various social media platforms. Prior to working in the “real world,” she attended Purdue University (Boiler Up!) majoring in Broadcast Communications and competing on the Women’s Water Polo Team.

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