Automotive News Webinar: Predicting Success with Adam Robinson

By Team Hireology,
May 7, 2015

I’m willing to bet that if you’re in the retail automotive industry, then you’re probably familiar turnover. Retaining employees at your dealership isn’t easy. In fact, according to the NADA’s 2014 Dealership Workforce Study, there’s a 66% turnover rate facing the auto industry. So what’s deal? Is there anything that can be done to help curve this issue?

Well yeah, of course-and it all starts with how you hire and develop your dealership team.

Join Hireology’s CEO Adam Robinson as he discusses Predicting Success: Data-Driven Hiring For Better Automotive Teams, on May 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET. This will be a live webinar hosted by Automotive News as part of their Power Training, Free Webinar series.

Automotive News Webinar – Presented by Hireology

By simply signing up for the webinar and plugging in via computer, you will be able to hear Adam cover many dealership hiring problems and solutions, such as:

  • How useful data and the right process can positively impact your hiring
  • What the four super-elements are & how they help foresee success in a candidate interviewing for ANY job
  • Useful tools & methods that you can instantly use to improve your dealership’s hiring process
  • State-of-the-art science behind Hireology’s platform and you can predict a candidate’s potential at your dealership

Don’t let turnover tarnish your hiring process. To register for the webinar, click on the link below-you (and your dealership) won’t regret it!

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