Video: Hireology CEO Interviewed by Service Drive Today

By Team Hireology,
December 3, 2015

A few weeks ago, Hireology CEO Adam Robinson was a guest speaker at the 11th Annual Kain Automotive Digital Success Clients & Friends Workshop in Lexington, Kentucky. It was there where Robinson also caught up and spoke with Service Drive Today, a member of the CBT Automotive Network.

While being interviewed, Robinson briefly discussed the importance of building a successful team at dealerships, as well as what to look for in good hires while speaking to Service Drive. He went on to mention that:

‘There are four things that predict success in this (auto) business across the store, in any job. Positive attitude toward work, a sense of accountability (an ownership mindset), performance and in past jobs were that performance were measured, and a culture-fit. Those are four things to look for and they’re pretty straightforward. If you focus on those four things, your hiring results will improve.’ – Adam Robinson

View the full interview below:

To listen to more hiring tips from automotive experts and learn how you can build a better team at your dealership, click on the link below!

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