Video: Adam Robinson Interviewed by DrivingSales News

By Team Hireology,
August 26, 2015

DrivingSales News, a website that ‘features exclusive reporting on dealership tech trends and innovations in automotive retailing directly from the DrivingSales editorial team,’ took the time yesterday to interview our very own CEO, Adam Robinson

It’s no secret that turnover has been a outstanding issue for dealerships trying to retain salespeople for the long haul. In fact, this DrivingSales News interview mentions a 2013 report from the NADA that says, ‘66% of all sales consultants who were hired to work at dealerships quit by the end of the year.’ Adam Robinson takes very little time to use this fact to reiterate the significance of hiring when speaking with DrivingSales News.

In the interview, Adam touches on this importance of hiring, as well as how refining the way dealerships recruit and hire can vastly improve their own competitive advantage:

‘Just hiring people and throwing them on the floor is not going to work. Because the best run stores are going to figure out how to get the people side of their business right and they’re going to wield that like a weapon and they’re going to win in these markets because of it.’ – Adam Robinson via DrivingSales News interview

Adam also goes on to mention the different facets of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees at retail automotive locations. To view the full interview, play the video below:

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