Vegas Recap: SHRM = Success

By Team Hireology,
July 1, 2011

Wow. What a week it was for Hireology!

In the spirit of behavioral interviewing (a common session topic at the SHRM conference), I’d like to describe our experience this past week in terms of the situation, the task at hand, the actions taken and the results:

Interviewer: “Hireology, can you describe a time when you hit a turning point in your career?”


Situation: The SHRM annual conference is where anyone who’s anyone in the HR world goes to network with other HR professionals from across the globe, and learn about the field. Hireology spent the past 5 days in an exhibit booth and in classrooms alongside 14,000 eager HR professionals. As a first time exhibitor, we didn’t know what the reaction to our product would be. We knew we had something great to show the world, and how helpful we could be to other companies, but we knew that our messaging had to be right in order for anyone to catch on.

Task: Our goal was to learn from other professionals, get new ideas for Hireology, get a feel for our competition, and make a name for ourselves on the exhibit room floor.

Action: Before day one of the conference, we planned our attack. We meticulously set up our booth. When the big day arrived, we were ready. We put on our lab coats, clicked our green flashing pens, and we listened.

We chatted with amazing people from all over the world. We met HR folks from companies large and small. We met consultants, managers, directors, and more. We diligently took notes on each reaction to our product. We scanned the exhibit hall and thoroughly examined the other vendors out there.

We attended seminars from some of the best businessmen and HR professionals in the US. We heard Sir Richard Branson speak about making a difference in the world and his distaste for complacency. We heard Arianna Huffington speak on the topic of achieving success through balance and plenty of sleep. We heard Tony Hsieh speak on the importance of a strong organizational culture. Hsieh delivered happiness to us through educating us on the science behind his philosophy of happiness.

We also attended seminars on behavioral interviewing, selecting for emotional intelligence, and interview validity. We took home a few key messages: Namely, the more interviews you conduct, the better your hiring decisions will be (no matter the length of the interview); Selecting for emotional intelligence is really a matter of selecting for “culture” and desired personality factors; And, behavior based interviewing is still the best approach, especially when interviewers are taught to look for certain responses (particularly, responses that include a situation, task, action, and result).

We also managed to eat great food, have some fun and win a couple games along the way!

Result: Hireology achieved its goals. We managed to surpass all of our expectations in terms of what we learned and who we met. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our product from HR professionals and even other vendors on the exhibit floor.  We had people lining up to talk to us at our booth, telling us they’d heard about us! We learned several ways we can improve your experience with Hireology, and have already re-prioritized our road map accordingly. We came away with fantastic contacts that will likely become long-term relationships.

Not only did we truly make a name for ourselves in the HR world, we also got a handle on the other products in our space. Now, call us biased, but we observed that there is NO other product out there (at least not at SHRM) that offers behavior based interviews customized around your job. Sure, consultants will offer that for $100,000 dollars and a year of your time, but when it comes to value, we offer (I’m just going to say it) the best. Plus, our people are alright (wink).

All in all, we were thrilled with our experience at SHRM in Las Vegas. The results far exceeded our expectations, as Hireology has hit a true turning point in our business. Now, we can only hope you offer us the job!

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