Using A Hiring Platform: Predicting Success Takes Time

By Team Hireology,
June 19, 2015

If you’ve ever been through an actual hiring process before, then you know what the ‘waiting game’ is like. Traditionally, prolonged hiring processes were for specialty jobs or for higher-level positions. However, that’s not the case so much anymore.

If you’re truly searching for a qualified candidate who’s best fit for your open position (regardless of what kind of job it is), you’re going to spend the time to assess the candidate, as well as get to know his or her personality, right?

According to an article recently published in The Wall Street Journal, the average hiring process is taking longer that it use to. The article goes on to mention several factors as to why this is happening (quoted below), but the main reason: more businesses are beginning to use a hiring platform to find, assess and select their potential employees.

Here’s what the article goes on to mention about the elongated hiring process we’re seeing today:

More Companies Are Using HR Tech

‘What’s really dragged it down quite a bit is technology,’ said Mr. Gimbel, the founder and chief executive of the LaSalle Network. ‘So many companies are using technology portals and databases with their people. They may be getting better hires out of the process, but they are definitely moving more slowly.’

The Hiring Process Is ExtendingÉEverywhere

‘Stephen Davis, an economist at the University of Chicago, found that as of April the average job sat vacant for 27.3 days before being filled, nearly double the 15.3 days it took to fill a job in mid-2009. Mr. Davis’s research, published regularly as the DHI Hiring Indicators report, shows that the rise has occurred across industries, regions and firms of different sizes.’

‘A report released Thursday by Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at career-research firm Glassdoor, said the average interview process in the U.S. took 22.9 days in 2014, up from just 12. 6 days in 2010.’

Companies Are Getting Better At Assessing Their Candidates

‘The growing use of skills tests and background checks could be a proxy to find high-skilled workers with good judgment,’ Mr. Chamberlain said. ‘The jobs disappearing from the economy are routine, really simple jobs. The kinds of jobs that are booming are jobs that take lots of judgment and creativity. They’re harder to hire for and so it takes longer.’

This news may seem dreadful if you’re a recent graduate and/or someone looking for a job. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind if you’re running a business. If more and more companies are using some form of hiring platform or technology to improve their process, that means they’re also more likely to be finding qualified candidates. This means better competition. 

If you’re not currently using a hiring platform, you could be losing out on your next great hire to a competitor. Predicting success takes time, but it’s well worth it. Take the time and hire the smart way!

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