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By Team Hireology,
June 9, 2011

Greetings, Hireologists!

We’re close to releasing some great new features that we think you’ll love. We are on a designing kick, working hard to give you all the features you’ll need to make you GREAT at picking the right person for your job.

Here are a few upcoming features, in no particular order:

Broadcast your job on job boards – We’re integrating with a few of the big players in the job board arena. You will soon be able to post your job description to job boards with the click of a button, and thousands of candidates will see that you’re hiring.

Conduct Background checks – Our customers are on their way to finding out as much information about their candidates as is humanly possible! Background checks are just around the corner and we promise: ordering a background check will never be this easy.

Conduct skills & personality tests – Still unsure whether your candidate has a particular skill set you KNOW they’ll need for your job? Hone in on specific skill sets or personality traits by testing your candidates before you hire them. Hireology will offer a slew of testing options in the near future.

Candidate star system – We’re adding a 5-star rating system to your candidate detail page. These stars will be great for whoever is in charge of sorting through resumes. Just click the stars, add a comment and your hiring team will see.

Candidate sorting – We’ve gotten all your feedback, and finally we will have a way to sort candidates based on their interview scores (or # of stars). Let the best candidates rise to the top!

Job stats – want to know how many candidates you’ve hired/made offers to/are new? Guess what – you’re in luck: we’re adding job statistics to your job summary page, so you’ll know the status of every job at all times. Forecasting made easy.

Customizable job application and questionnaire – Too many applicants to sift through? We’ve got you covered: Lengthen your job application, and ask critical questions early on. We guarantee your result will be dedicated candidates who really want your job. Too few applicants? Shorten that application.

Updated pricing model that you’ll love: pay only when you need it – You read it right: you will only pay for what you need, when you need it. More details to come in the next 2 weeks…

So keep an eye out over the next couple months! More details to come as soon as each feature is released! Big things are ahead for Hireologists, everywhere.

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