Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Facing Turnover

By Team Hireology,
July 7, 2014

High employee turnover is a concern on every employer’s mind. The process of losing and gaining employees is frustrating both financially and emotionally, and at its worst is a cyclical problem. 
Sudden departure leads to hasty hires, which leads to dissatisfaction and more departures, and soon managers have no idea where to stop the problem. 

Without proper care and observation, this turnover cycle can evolve into much larger problems for your company. For any business, constantly training new hires is unproductive, and it’s hard to truly build anything when your foundation pieces are constantly rearranging. 

To help you untangle the web that turnover issues often result in, we’ve selected two key questions your company needs the answers to. 

Am I hiring the right people?

If there is a way to nip turnover at the bud, hiring the right people might be it. When an employee leaves a company after less than twelve months, the majority of the time it is for a reason that could have been deciphered during the hiring process. Asking strategic, purposeful interview questions will help you find candidates whose expectations align with yours, and who you know will be around for a while. 

Am I creating an environment that people actually want to work in?

Some industries, like the restaurant industry, have notoriously high turnover rates that are too often accepted as part of the trade. While it may be true that completely avoiding turnover is impossible, businesses in any industry can combat it by simply making their employees happy. This can be done both on a larger scale by creating a thriving company culture, and on an individual scale with better employee interactions. 

While these tips are meant to help your company reduce turnover, sometimes it is inevitable, and it’s important that your company has a method for handling it smoothly and gracefully. For more on reducing turnover, check out our guide below!

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