The Ultimate Resource Guide for Franchise Hiring

By Team Hireology,
April 1, 2016

Tackling business issues is tough when you don’t where or how to begin. It’s stressful, as well as delays your ability to dive in and fix the issues at hand. Therefore, if you have the chance to make things easier, you take it, right? That’s exactly what Hireology is offering for all of those hiring in the franchise industry.

According to a recent article, here are some of the most crucial issues currently facing the franchise industry, as well as solutions the author recommends:

  • Joint employer liability – Franchisors can reduce the risk of joint employer liability by not involving themselves in the daily operations of the franchisee, particularly when it comes to personnel-related decisions.
  • Finding and hiring the right employees – Know how to conduct a job interview and exercise reasonable care in the hiring process. Ensure compliance with employment laws applicable to the recruiting and hiring process, such as “ban the box” legislation.
  • Onboarding and training – Have an onboarding procedure for new employees and offer required training such as anti-sexual harassment training.

The NLRB ruling, the struggle to hire quality talent and retain employees-all things most people in the industry have either read about or heard of in recent time, but is anyone doing anything to fix these problems?

Take Your Franchise to the Next Level


Our latest resource offer, The Ultimate Resource Guide for Franchise Hiring, is the first of many steps you can take to make improvements at your franchise and/or franchise locations. We’ve decided to gather our best resources, everything from Hireology studies on franchise hiring to cheat sheets on refining your career site, and decided to put everything in two, definitive guides for both franchisees and franchisors.

By downloading the suitable guides, you’ll be gaining insight to:

  • The Power of Process: Eliminating Guesswork from Hiring
  • 10 Essential Reasons Why Hiring the Right People Matters
  • How to Get 100 Candidates By Next Week
  • 7 Signs It’s Time to Reinvent Your Career Site
  • The Go-To Career Site Checklist for Attracting Better Talent
  • The 411 On Phone Interviews
  • The Perfect Hire In-a-Box
  • 10 Ways to Use Candidate Assessment Tests
  • Four Sources of Sales Turnover
  • Uncertainty in Franchising: How the NLRB Could Change the Industry

Take advantage of these recruiting and hiring tips to boost your franchise business by downloading the free guides below: click on the franchisee or franchisor edition. 

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