The Secret To Workplace Gift Giving

By Team Hireology,
December 25, 2013

“It’s the thought that counts..” 

By this time, you should be in full holiday spirit! Although you probably aren’t in the office, it’s still important for you to know how to properly reward your employees this holiday season. 

To begin with, it is completely acceptable to give your employees a gift during the holiday season. However, as Cord Himelstein explains, there are some guidelines you should follow when deciding what to give your employees, as well as how to do it. One thing that you must always remember is that the old saying is true. It is the thought that counts. Being thoughtful will allow you to improve your employee-manager relationship. 

Simply put, the secret to successful gift giving in the workplace is putting thought into your rewards. Instead of bulk-printing the same holiday cards with a preprogrammed message and signature, hand-write each card to make it personalized for each employee. This individualized message will show you appreciate each and every employee, and will also make your employees feel special. 

Even more, don’t go out to a store, buy 50 of the same gift item, have your assistant wrap them all up, and stack them in a pile for each employee to take on their way out. Your thoughtfulness should extend beyond the holiday cards. Each of your employees has a different background and personality, and you should give a reward that is based of off these factors. Giving a personalized gift shows your employees that you have paid attention to characteristics about them other than just the work they do for you. 

Being thoughtful in your gift giving and rewards is a simple and cheap thing to do, but it will have a large effect on your workplace environment. Not only does it improve the relationship between you and your employees, but it increases employee engagement because employees feel appreciated for what they’ve done. 

So, as your enjoying your day away from the office, be sure to keep in mind what gifts or rewards you’ll be getting for your employees! 

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