The Grammys & HR: Build A Team Like An Award-Winning Producer

By Team Hireology,
February 6, 2015

While it’s not nearly as exciting (according to myself) as the Super Bowl, the Grammys will be this airing this Sunday on CBS. The awards show this weekend is expected to have live performances, celebrity appearances and probable embarrassing acceptance speeches. As a music fan who couldn’t care less about the majority of the ‘artists’ who are nominated, I still respect the men and women who produce the songs and albums. I respect them mostly for one reason-there’s some serious money to be made when you’re producing smash hits.

I like to think that even if a young artist doesn’t have as much talent as someone else, a good producer will know how to make that artist successful. When that’s the case, you usually see a team of writers and extra producers’ names listed on the back of the artist’s album. And then before you know it, at least one of the songs become popular and wallah! You have an annoying, but successful hit!

Similar to the genius producer building a team around a mediocre artist, HR managers have the same task when trying to create a successful team in the office. Here are three easy ways for hiring managers to help improve their team:

  • Conduct pre-employment skills testing to ensure the candidate has the skill-set they claim to have

  • Administer background verification checks (especially to candidates who would be in a money handling role)

  • Encourage candidates to take a DiSC personality test (this will help you understand how to best manage them) 

Grammy Nominated Songs & Albums Secretly Related To HR

In honor of the 57th Grammys this Sunday, I want to share some popular songs and albums that are nominated-and are surprisingly all about the HR industry! You probably thought you knew what these songs and albums were all about, but you might be mistaken. After doing some thorough research (opposite), I found out what the true meaning behind these nominated tracks and records were:

  1. Drunk in Love (BeyoncŽ Featuring Jay Z)-A song about an HR manager’s worst nightmareÉhaving to deal with employee romance at a company party.
  2. Stay With Me (Sam Smith)-This one is about pleading for an all-star employee to stay and help the company avoid a higher turnover rate.
  3. Say Something (A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera)- This is a track that clearly explains what all hiring manager’s say when a candidate freezes up during an interview.  
  4. Dark Horse (Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J)-A power anthem for what HR managers call the awkwardly goofy, but qualified candidate after his/her first interview, who eventually ends up getting hired.
  5. In The Lonely Hour (Sam Smith)-This album was named after how hiring managers feel about the amount of time it takes to review applications and resumes before sending out invitations for interviews.
  6. The Negative One (Slipknot)-A head banging song that describes the first candidate HR managers usually decide who’ll not be moving forward in the interview process.
  7. This Is All Yours (Alt-J)-An album titled after the unfair blame HR managers get after an employee doesn’t work out and gets fired.
  8. Day Drinking (Little Big Town)– An ode to something all the employees, including the HR manager, want to do on a Friday, but can’t because it’s not exactly allowedÉper se.
  9. Fingerprints (Chick Corea)-This jazzy number is about something a hiring manager might find after conducting a background check on a candidate.
  10. A Dotted Line (Nickel Creek)-An Americana album named after the only thing holding back HR managers from finalizing a new hire-a signature.

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