The Go-to Recipe for Reference Checks

By Team Hireology,
November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Day-a day to gives thanks for what we have and if we are fortunate enough, indulge ourselves in a vast array of home-cooked food with family and friends (in our sweatpants).

As this great holiday quickly approaches, it’s time for those who are talented in the kitchen to dust off those favorite family recipes or check with Uncle Google for last-minute instructions. Either way (unless you consider yourself a pro in the kitchen), we all need a little help if we’re going to make that special dish. 

The same goes for conducting reference checks. If you’re trying to get a hold of a candidate’s references in a timely manner, as well as obtain the proper information needed to continue an interview, then it’s vital to have a recipe or checklist to get the job done. Here’s a recipe to help you get through reference checks pain-free this holiday season:

Reference Check Delight 

  • 3-5 Reference Requests-since the majority of a candidate’s references are either hard to contact or simply have outdated numbers, it’s important to have your candidate’s set up the meeting for you. This way, you save time and can see how well your candidate fulfills this task.

  • 1 Basic Questionnaire-be sure to ask the candidate’s references about several things: confirmation of the candidate’s former employment, what his or her former responsibilities and requirements were, as well as what his or her behavior was like in the office. Making sure if he or she was a culture fit could tell you much more about the candidate.

  • 1 Solid, Professional Agenda-there are some things you should and shouldn’t do when talking with a candidate’s reference. Be on time and get to the point. No one wants to spend more time on this than they must. Also, make sure you’re not asking illegal questions about the candidate, as well as closed-questions that require yes and no answers.

  • 1 Reusable Dose of Reference Technology-time is of the essence, so it’s extremely useful to have help while performing reference checks. There are several technologies out there that can help you save time by using automated reference checks that allow you to have a candidate’s references fill out insightful questionnaires after you speak with them. These also provide reports that can help you assess a candidate much more thoroughly.

Just like drinking warm cider, the reference check process can go down smoothly as well-you just need to follow the right recipe. To get the full guide of how to conduct efficient reference checks, download our free eBook below!

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