The Go-to Checklist for Evaluating Your Career Site

By Team Hireology,
March 11, 2016

Every visit to your website creates an impression, especially your careers page. There could be dozens to hundreds of potential job applicants viewing your site per day, but are you confident that those visitors come away with a positive perception of your business as an employer?

If not, it’s time to evaluate your career site and make sure it’s an effective outlet for your employment brand.

You could be at a great disadvantage if you have an outdated career site. This is especially true if you’re hiring millennials. Having a site that’s not user-friendly and lacks the essential information needed by job seekers can destroy your image to job seekers. No one will want to work (yet alone apply for your open jobs) for your business if you’re not up-to speed with today’s employment branding standards.

Key Signals Indicating a Much-Needed Update

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