The Five Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

By Adam Robinson,
April 26, 2013

Should Businesses Change to Better Accommodate Millennials?

In the words of 

More importantly than his spot on description of millennials are his tips to working alongside them. Explaining 92 percent of 21-to-24 year olds feel “entrepreneurship education [is] vital to the new economy and job market,” Fung recommends using this innovative mindset to the benefit of your company. 

Read the rest of his tips on “accommodating” millennials here

The 3 Dumbest Questions That People Ask During a Job Interview

If any of your job candidates ask one of these questions, red flags should be going up everywhere! 

Tim Sackett wrote this blog based upon three common, terrible questions that people ask during interviews. You may be surprised that these questions are acutally asked during interviews, but Tim Sackett certainly knows a thing or two about HR.

Would you ever ask one of these questions during an answer (Hint: Your answer should be NO!). 

1. Do you drug test?

2. How long before I get to use sick time?

3. Can you date co-workers here?

How to Improve Employee-Boss Relationships

According to Steve Tobak, a company’s performance – both good and bad – is determinded by the leadership team, managers and employees. So, how do you ensure a successful performance? Through these three aspects:

  • Company culture
  • Management empathy
  • Employee empathy
What components make up each of these aspects? Read Tobak’s article to find out. 

Congress Blocks One Proposed Ban on Requesting Social Media Passwords

If you haven’t already heard, last week Congress passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a.k.a. CISPA. Currently, “CISPA provides for the sharing of certain cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat information between the intelligence community and cybersecurity entities, and for other purposes.”

What does this mean for HR?

We don’t know yet. Some provisions suggest banning workplaces from requesting job applicants’ social media passwords. Time will tell where this goes. 

Stop Annoying People on LinkedIn

Yet again, Ask A Manager makes our list. This week, she wrote an article for US News about how not to annoy people on LinkedIn. Her suggestions:

1. Don’t send connection requests to people you don’t know

2. Don’t send the generic connection invite – personalize it!

3. Don’t lie about your title or job responsibilities

4. Don’t use groups to sell things

To see the rest of her do’s and don’ts, read the full article here

Want to add millennials to your team? Download our guide on how to attract, interview and hire Gen Y talent.

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