The 6 Types of Bad Hires

By Adam Robinson,
October 31, 2013

Bad hires are the worst. Not only are they an embarrassing representation of your hiring process, but they hurt your business as well.

Dr. John Sullivan, a weekly writer for the TLNT blog, wrote an article this week titled, Why You Really Should Move Quickly to Get Rid of Bad Hires, where he highlighted the reasons you need to release bad hires as soon as possible. 

The 6 types of bad hires are below (images brought to you by bad dogs)

“Never Gonna Get Better” Bad Hire

Dr. Sullivan touched on a study that said, “new hires who are still weak performers after six months on the job have an extremely small chance of ever getting better.” Scary huh? It’s probably best to let this kind of bad hire go, as quickly as possible.

“Time Waster” Bad Hire

Bad hires who waste your time are by the far the most frustrating type. Not only do they
require more training and onboarding, they are also a total distraction to their coworkers. Dr.
Sullivan states in the article that “weak hires may take up to 17 percent of the manager’s time that could be spent on employees who have a real chance for improving.” 

“Customers Hate Them” Bad Hire

Do you know that feeling when you walk into a store and the most annoying, rude salesperson approaches you? That’s the feeling your customers get when your bad hire answers the phone, services their car, or bags their groceries. Instead of losing customers due to your mis hire, cut your losses and let your employee go.

“Employees Hate Them” Bad Hire

Not only do your customers hate this person, your employees do too! Dr. Sullivan points out that this kind of bad hire, seems to never “get it.” Meaning your employees could explain to this person 8 times how to work the fax machine and they still don’t understand. How frustrating!

“Delay the Hiring Process” Bad Hire 

Think about all the time you are spending attempting to get your “bad hire” up to speed? And then imagine how you could be spending that time sourcing new candidates and training a quality replacement. Your bad hire is delaying the process of finding a good hire.

“Zoned Out” Bad Hire 

This type of bad hire seems to always be somewhere else. Whether they are staring off into space during a meeting or unavailable at certain times of the day, you can never seem to locate them. Basically this bad hire is wasting your time and resources every time they disappear into their own world.

It’s not easy to get rid of a bad hire, but it is easy to prevent them. Keep a structured hiring process, verify your candidates, and always always do background checks. For more on bad hires, download our guide below!

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