The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

By Team Hireology,
June 21, 2011

As Hireology has gained momentum over the past couple months, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with customers across the US. We LOVE getting your feedback and questions! After chatting with you, we thought it’d be helpful if we put together a list of responses to the questions we hear most often. So here, we present…


1. When setting up a new job profile, what if I don’t know the job’s compensation plan yet? No problem! On the first page of the job profile set-up, just make sure “show compensation information on job description” is un-checked. Then, feel free to enter any number in the Base pay field, and nobody will see it unless you check the box. If unchecked, compensation info will never be visible to a candidate. It will, however, appear internally on the job detail page for you to see.

2. Once I’ve created the job, how do I begin moving candidates through the hiring process? First, we’d like to let you know that we’re aware that some guidance is missing on our end, for this section of the process. We want to be the most easy-to-use app out there, so we are actively building a better interface to get you started with ease. Expect a more intuitive candidate detail page which should be up and running by mid-late July.

In the meantime, our response is as follows: If candidates have already applied to your job, they will appear on the left-hand side of your job detail page. Click a candidate’s name, and you’ll be taken to a page with all the interview forms and scoring guides (the candidate detail page).

Don’t have candidates yet? Be sure your job is set to “Open” status, and get the word out! Start blasting that job out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Or, if you prefer candidates apply through your company’s pre-existing career page, make sure you embed the careers widget wherever you want in your site.

3. What if I don’t use your widget or the Hireology-hosted career site? Our first response to this question is usually “why don’t you?” Typically, it’s a matter of not knowing what a widget is or how to embed it. To this, we reply, “The widget is just a dynamic list of your Hireology jobs/descriptions. Candidates can click and apply on the spot. All you have to do is get the widget code (cut & paste from my info tab) to whoever has administrative access to your career site, and tell them where you want it to go.”

And, if you still don’t want to use the widget for one reason or another, just add candidates manually. It’s quick – we promise. In the job detail page, just click “add a candidate to this job” and select “add new.” All you’ll need to enter is the candidate’s first and last name and that’s it! ADDED.

4. Can we use our interviews with your system? Absolutely. Do your interviews give you consistent results that you’ve had great results with? If so, by all means use what you’ve got! We’re in the process of building customization that will allow our users to import their current interview forms into the hiring process.

If not, however, give ours a try! Our interview questions are designed to elicit the most honest responses from candidates, and, not to mention, they’re customized for YOUR job. Try scoring your own preliminary interviews with our scoring guides – we’ve heard that works, too!

5. Can your system rate candidates as they apply for my job? We’ve heard this one a lot lately, and the answer is: not yet. BUT, we are actively in the process of building candidate matching technology based around your job’s elements. We’re really excited about this feature.  Stay tuned for more info on this in the next month!!!

As time goes on, and we welcome more and more hiring managers into the growing community of Hireologists, we look forward to more good questions. Keep ’em coming!

Now that you’ve got the answers, it’s time to start hiring! Check out our guide on hiring the best salespeople. 

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