The 3 Keys to Sourcing Candidates Like a Pro

By Team Hireology,
October 16, 2015

There’s a common misconception about the first step of the hiring process. Many people tend to think that posting an open position, regardless of where, is the initial phase of finding a new hire. That way of thinking is similar to the famous ‘Field of Dreams’ line, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ However, that’s not the case.


Finding the ideal candidate for your next hire can be a tiresome process. Sometimes it takes a long time to even receive just a handful of applicants you can label ‘ideal.’ Whether it may be a general lack of interest for the position or timing, there are ways to boost the number of candidates for your open position. All it takes are a few little steps to start hiring like an HR vet.

Try These 3 Tips

1.)  Create A Killer Job Description-People forget that before you can post your open position, you have to describe that position first. The best way to write a job description is by being honest about what the job entails and by trying to get applicants excited about the opportunity. Think about what makes this job special? How will this specific job contribute to the success of your company?

Here are some essentials every job description should have before you post to a job board:

  • Unique job title
  • A couple of paragraphs describing the position
  • Bullet points listing the responsibilities and requirements for the job
  • A couple of paragraphs highlighting anything and everything that makes your company special, such as: culture, workplace environment, benefits, etc.

2.)  Post To A Respective Job Board-If you want to get more people applying to your open job, then you have to spread the word; make it known to the world that you’re hiring! Nevertheless, don’t post your job to just any-ole website. Make sure that you’re posting to a well-known site, such as LinkedIn, Indeed and CareerBuilder. You can also post your jobs to niche sites that are relative to your specific industry and/or open job position. There are tech sites that post for technology positions and auto sites that post for automotive jobs. Just do a little research first and you’ll be sure to find plenty of options for a decent price.

3.)  Continue Spreading The Word-This might be one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your pool of applicants. After you post your job, make sure you take some time to get the word out on all of your social media pages. This is one of the best ways to attract millennial candidates, as well as anyone looking to provide you with a referral. You can also help spread the word by mentioning your open position in your company newsletter to clients, start an employee referral program or reaching out to your alma mater. Most schools are willing to help their students find a job and help a former graduate at the same time.

Sourcing candidates isn’t always easy, but if you know what you’re doing upfront, you can start your hiring process off better than the average Joe can. Give these tips a shot. They might seem like fundamental hiring steps, but they work well when done the right way.

These are only a few tricks to finding more job candidates. There are plenty more ways you can vastly improve your hiring process. Check out the eBook below to discover more ways to hire like a pro!

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